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Choosing the right authoring tool is important for the overall success of your e-learning course. Generally, it doesn’t matter what the purpose of the course is – whether it is meant for corporate training, for adding additional skills by working adults or for university students. The goal is to provide attractive content and format that will keep the learner satisfied and willing to learn. To this end, eLearning localization is also a significant element of the course creation, since it will make it more accessible and understandable by different audiences.

In order to create engaging e-learning modules, you need experts in the given field and the right eLearning authoring tool that will facilitate the creation of the course that you have in mind. Below, we will explore some of the benefits of using the modern e-learning authoring tools.

Key Elements of a Good E-Learning Authoring Tool 

eLearning is one of the sectors that developed rapidly in recent years due in part to the technological boom and modernization. Now, you can choose to learn a new skill while utilizing only your smartphone and the time you spent commuting, for example. This is possible because eLearning authoring tools also saw a great development. As a result, the time to create a new module is less and requires fewer people and experts. eLearning designers quite often can create a new course with the minimum or even without the help of developers. Software used for their development now has the following features that facilitate the whole process: 

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface 

The interface is designed in such a way, that it is easy to navigate through the menu, all main elements are visible on the screen. The tools and information that you need are easy to find and use. The eLearning authoring tool should be intuitive and have all the necessary features you need.  

  • Responsive and adaptive content design 

It is very important to be able to create content that can be used on all kind of devices – PC, tablet, smartphone. To achieve this, you need your e-learning authoring tool to allow you create content that is either responsive or adaptive. Responsive content means that the module can be run on any device and will look appropriate. In other words, if your text is displayed in 3 columns on your PC, it will be displayed in two or one column on a tablet or smartphone so that it looks better. The adaptive content does not have that much functionality but it adapts to the width of the browser and also displays the text in the most appropriate format.  

  • Simplicity and functionality  

The software you use for your eLearning course creation should be simple. You do not need to know how to write code in order to finalize your project. All tools should be easy to use and the help and information provided must be understandable. Besides, the eLearning authoring tool must have great functionality – i.e. to combine all the elements and functions you need in order to create the desired final product.  

Benefits of Modern eLearning Tools 

When you create your eLearning course using a modern eLearning tool with the features described above, this will make your work easier. Some of the main benefits for the course are that it is: 

  • Time and cost-efficient 

A good responsive software saves you time in creating an eLearning module. If you have all the elements at one place, you don’t have to look elsewhere and everything goes faster. In addition, since it is easy to work with the tool, you finish the work earlier. As a result of the less hours, you also save money. Besides, with the right authoring tool you don’t need as many experts to create one e-learning module or course, hence the costs are lower.  

  • Ability to use existing eLearning materials 

The modern software allows you to use any eLearning materials you have previously created, as long as they are in electronic format. You can incorporate parts of previous eLearning courses, presentations or other materials into the new module you are creating. This makes the whole process much faster and easier.  

  • Easy to update and upgrade 

The eLearning authoring tools allow you to manage your content at any time. In other words, you are free to update and upgrade your course whenever necessary. If you are preparing company training, you can adapt it for the different offices or you can update it several months or years later with the new information, that needs to be included.  

  • Adaptable to variety of eLearning platforms 

One of the important advantages of the modern eLearning authoring tools is that they can be published on different platforms. Learners want to have access to the course at anytime and anywhere and the ability to use the content on their mobile devices is a great plus. The modern software allows the content to be displayed even on devices that don’t support Flash, as is the case for most smartphones and tablets.  

Those benefits make it clear why using the right eLearning authoring tool facilitates the entire process and leads to a better product. The advantages of the modern technology and software development are both for the creators and the end users of the eLearning materials.  

With the rapid development of technologies, eLearning becomes even easier to create and distribute. Its popularity grows, since it is a useful tool both for the educational institutions and for the corporate medium. The importance of eLearning authoring tools that allow its fast and seamless creation also grows. It is worth researching the market and finding the best software that suits your needs as this will lead to a great return on your investment in the future.

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