Online communication is taking over almost every part of our life – both in our personal and business communication and so it is natural to prefer the online approach when it comes to corporate training. 

There are different approaches and types of online learning that are adopted by the organizations. One of the preferred types of corporate training is through microlearning since it turns out to be quite efficient as it helps manage time and cognitive load and allows the employees to stay focused. It doesn’t mean, however, that microlearning or any other method, for that matter, is a universal solution for each organization. It is important to identify your business and employee needs and to act accordingly. The company needs a solid strategy for its corporate training that will guarantee its efficiency. Here are four things that you need to consider when planning your business learning. 

Find the Right Learning Tool for your Company 

There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to corporate training. The mere fact that some approach is gaining popularity in company training programs, doesn’t mean that it will suit your specific needs. In order to identify the best approach for your business training it is necessary to answer a few questions: 

  • Who are your employees? What does your workforce look like? Do you deal mainly with young people who have started work right after college and lack practical experience or do you have experienced employees who need to get in line with the novelties in the field? This is one of the most important issues to consider when choosing the right training strategy. 
  • What are your employee needs? This is the second most important question as you need to correctly identify whether they need onboard training, acquiring some soft skills or just updating the knowledge they have. 
  • Do you have a specific business growth plan? Most probably the answer to this question is yes. Then, you have to identify which are the most vulnerable points in it and make sure that your employees know how to cope with them. 

Once you have a clear idea of your training needs, you need to select the right tool. Even if your company has a learning system already in place it may be outdated and not able to serve the current learning needs. Make sure to update it or take a new system on board that will help you train your employees efficiently.

Be Creative with your eLearning Modules 

In order to make the learning efficient, it is necessary to make it attractive. Be creative when you choose the type of learning. Include games and quizzes in the modules, make them interactive, use localized training for mobile devices, do your best to grab the attention of the learners and make them feel that they are part of the process. 

Adult learners are particularly keen on simulations and life-based scenarios. This type of learning allows real problems to be faced and attempted to be solved in the safe online environment. This approach is suitable for employees from all levels and particularly for managers as it helps them develop their critical thinking and decision-making skills. 

Microlearning, mobile learning, gamification – these are all approaches that can make a difference in your business learning, hence you need to approach them open-heartedly. 

Decide Where eLearning is Sufficient and When Blended Learning is Better 

While online learning has established itself as one of the best options for corporate training, instructor-led learning should not be completely discarded. There are certain skills that are better learned through a real-life experience and in this case, it is a good idea to use blended learning – to supplement the online courses with in-person training. This type of learning is suitable when it comes to operating a certain machine or constructing something. It can also be useful to teach the employees to work in a team. Sitting together in a room and solving a problem in a real environment can have a lot of benefits for their further cooperation at work. 

Localize your Training Tools Along with the Online Modules 

Selecting the best training tool that meets your employee needs and help you achieve the company goals is not enough. You need to make sure that your employees are familiar with the technology and that they are comfortable using the online modules provided. 

It is essential to have the training modules properly translated and localized so that they are completely useful for the learners. Similarly, the technology and devices used to deliver the training should be familiar for the users. Make sure to train your employees how to properly use the training materials so that they don’t feel awkward when the time for the training comes and they are not sure how to launch the module, for example. 

Choosing the best strategy for your business is the first and one of the most essential steps for selecting the corporate training that will bring the desired results. Make sure to take into account your employee profile and the type of skills and knowledge that they need to acquire. Stay flexible with your training and maintain a high quality of the materials you use in you will get your goals completed much easier. Be open to new methods and technologies but do not embark on one simply because it is trendy. Follow the unique pattern of your company structure and look for the best solution tailored to your specific corporate needs. 

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