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Our cutting-edge translation proxy system, PASSPORT, utilizes cloud-based technology to mirror your English-language website and produce a translated version. PASSPORT eliminates the need for you to host and manage multiple multilingual versions of your website and works with your technology regardless of how your website was built.

The main difference between PASSPORT and the traditional approach to website translation is that it’s very hands off: the work happens behind the scenes, putting less of a burden on our clients, while still producing accurate translations and localizations.

Market your products or services instantaneously to a global audience with PASSPORT, ICD’s Translation Proxy Service!

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PASSPORT Saves You Time and Money, While Effectively Reaching Global Audiences

PASSPORT, our website translation service helps you reach potential buyers and engage current customers across the world. You can instantly translate your website and keep it current without any development fees or costly, ongoing IT management. Just provide us with your website’s homepage address and ICD Translation will handle the rest. We make it that simple.

Benefits of Translation Proxy

  • Hassle-Free Hosting: Eliminates the need for you to host and manage multilingual versions of your website. PASSPORT is technology agnostic. Our system will work with your technology regardless of how your website was built or what CMS it uses.
  • Automatic Change Detection: Monitors the content of your English site and sends any new content directly to us for website translation services on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, you decide!
  • Live Preview: Gives you an instant view of your multilingual website as soon as it is translated.
  • SEO Ready: PASSPORT is built on a Google platform and is open to search engine indexing so you don’t have to worry about foreign language SEO. The translated site mirrors your exact English site. Your content will appear for relevant translated keyword searches, increasing your global reach.
  • In-Layout Translation: Provides our professional translators with instant visual feedback of the translated site, ensuring the translated content matches the English site for both context and visual impact.

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