Machine Translation Service

Building a Machine Translation Engine for your Global Needs

While a traditional machine translation service can’t produce the same level of quality as human translation, it is an alternative option for clients with large volumes of translation projects. Unlike most translation companies, ICD employs a unique approach, pairing our machine translation service with human translation editing.

ICD’s Machine Language Translator

With MT Builder, our machine language translator leverages the content of your existing translation memory. It utilizes powerful algorithms of language learning engines to build a machine translation engine that understands the nuances of your industry terminology. The use of MT Builder results in higher quality machine translation in the short turnaround times that our clients demand.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an existing translation memory. We can use an existing, in-house machine translation engine and tweak it to your specific needs. Our MT Builder offers a low-cost, faster alternative to human translation.

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Machine Translation and Post-Editing Process

With our machine translation and post-editing process, we machine translate your content and then utilize the expertise of a human translator to review, edit and proofread the machine translation. Our professional translators review the machine translation for terminology inconsistencies, accuracy, sentence structure and flow, and then corrects any errors that they come across to produce a higher quality machine translation. Our process is designed to give you the affordability of a machine translation service with the quality of a human translator’s review.

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