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How We Can Help With eLearning Translation

We know the production of eLearning materials is complicated and time-consuming, which is why we offer professional eLearning localization. As markets globalize, you will need to develop your talent and educate your “students” across many languages. Through our eLearning translation services, we can assist you in training, developing and educating your target audiences.

Our eLearning translation services include start-to-finish translation project management and production of your eLearning courses, online training, presentations and other materials related to training and development. In order to reach your on-the-go global audiences, we provide elearning localization for your materials and output them in a variety of formats for easy web and mobile viewing.

The success of eLearning is best seen in how well the translated content ‘speaks’ to the learner and renders sustained impact.

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In-House Recording

Our translation agency also has an in-house recording studio, which enables us to cost-effectively complete all of your voiceover projects. Our recording team works in conjunction with native-speaking talent to produce subtitling, voiceover and dubbing for the audio in your eLearning materials. Our editing team then expertly syncs and inputs the translated audio files and subtitles back into your modules, courses, videos and presentations.

Our eLearning Localization Capabilities

ICD Translation works with a wide range of LMS and desktop technologies, allowing us to simply export the bilingual XLIFF file, translate it and then import it back into your courses. We’ve developed clear processes and streamlined workflows relating to localization within the most popular eLearning applications such as:

This simple, straightforward process results in reduced turnaround times and cost savings for the client because there are no desktop publishing costs.

Our professional voiceover talent and desktop publishing experts help make every eLearning localization project a success.

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