Translation Agency Language Offerings

Professional Translation Services Available in Over 75 Languages

Our translation agency provides a variety of professional translation services that are available in over 75 languages.

Although it only takes 12 languages to reach 80% of the world’s online audience, many companies must translate into a minimum of 13 languages just to stay competitive on a global scale.

ICD provides professional translation services in the most popular languages; however, we also cover many more languages.

See below for more of our translation agency language offerings:

Africaans Hmong Sanskrit
Australian English Haitian Serbian
Albanian Hawaiian Shona
American English Hungarian Slovak
Armenian Hebrew Slovenian
Azerbaijani Icelandic Somali
Bulgarian Indonesian Swahili
Belarussian Irish Swedish
British English Kannada Tahitian
Burmese Kazakh Tagalog
Bengali Lithuanian Tajik
Bosnian Latvian Tamil
Catalan Latin Thai
Croatian & Serbo-Coratian Maori Tibetan
Czech Malay Tongan
Cambodian Macedonian Turkish
Dari Mongolian Ukrainian
Dutch Maltese Urdu
Danish Nepali Uzbek
Estonian Norwegian Vietnamese
Finnish Persian Welsh
Filipino Polish Xhosa
Georgian Punjabi Yiddish
Greek Romanian Yoruba
Hindi Samoan Zulu

Whether you need a business interpreter, technical document translation, software localization services or anything in between, ICD Translation has you covered!

Our translation agency language offerings include the most comprehensive and highly sought after translation services available.

We employ a well-rounded team of native-speaking, professional translators who are specialists in industries like metallurgy and welding, automotive, travel and hospitality, industrial and heavy machinery, and more.

Contact ICD Translation today to find out how our professional translation services can help you engage international markets and increase sales.