Media is of great importance for daily life as it often shapes our vision, likes, preferences, and determines our choices. It can be a powerful tool for any business if properly harnessed and put to good use. There are several ways to use media as part of your marketing campaign – supporting a blog on your website, publishing in local print media, posting on social media, sharing videos, tweets, etc. In order to get your message across to a greater audience, it is a good idea to have all your media content translated. Prior to boarding the translation train you need to select the language, the type of translation, and most importantly the language service provider that properly meets your needs. 

What is media translation?

Media refers to a great number of tools used to inform the population about current news, politics, and tendencies. There are various forms including written media, television, radio, and the internet. In the past decade, social media is the one that gets the most focus and it is widely used by the business to promote its growth. Datareportal reports “that there are 4.33 billion social media users around the world at the start of 2021, equating to more than 55 percent of the total global population.” Facebook continues to be the most widely used social media platform around the globe with 2.797 billion active monthly users, followed by YouTube and WhatsApp. These numbers alone are sufficient to convince any business owner of the necessity to harness the power of social media to their use. 

Every company creates different types of media content that can include written documents, tutorials, video lessons, blog articles, press releases and other materials depending on the purpose it serves. In order to get the message to a broader audience, the business needs to translate the media content into one or more foreign languages. This is the essence of media translation – rendering media content, regardless of its form or format, into another language. The overall aim is to reach a higher number of potential customers and inevitably win and retain their attention. 

How do you board the media translation train?

Translation is useful for any company growing its business in a new market. In many cases, even if the language in the new country is the same as yours, you can still make use of localization services to help you get the attention of your target customers. This is especially valid for media translation. Using the right visual and language prompts can catch the eye of the person and ultimately keep it. 

In order to board the media translation train you need a good business translation strategy to help you achieve your goals easily. You can draft a separate strategy for your media translations or include it in the overall translation strategy. Most importantly, is to detail each step so that it can be easily achieved. An example of the elements to put into the strategy includes:

  • the target languages
  • the type of content (text, video, interactive materials, games, memes, etc.) that will be used as a source 
  • any specific materials that should be provided to the translator – reference materials, specific jargon, names or titles
  • the deadline for the implementation of each translation project 
  • the budget allocated to this specific translation project 

It is also possible to specify the type of services that you need for each specific content – website localization, software localization, document translation, educational material translation, voice over, or other. If you are not quite sure which is the best service for you, you can consult your translation agency about the right tools that can match your needs. 

In addition to the translation strategy, you can also prepare a translation brief for your language service provider (LSP). There you can give as many details to the LSP for a given project that you deem necessary. It is good to mention your target audience, your goals, provide references, glossaries, or other data that will facilitate the translation process.

Last but not least, you need to select your LSP. Keep in mind that bigger is not always better and there are benefits of working with a smaller LSP such as personal service, greater flexibility, quicker implementation, and coherence of the translated content for any future project. 

Media translation services that can boost your business

When selecting the right media translation service for your business you need to establish your overall goals and choose the right tool to achieve them in the most efficient way. There are several media translation services that you can select from:

  • website translation and localization – this is a must regardless of your industry since the website is your portal to the rest of the world and it is better to present it to your potential customers in a language they understand. 
  • blog post translation – while the blog is part of your website, it needs special attention to content so that it attracts readers. It is a good idea to invest in maintaining an informative and entertaining blog and translating it into the respective language of your target market.
  • video translation – no matter if you are on YouTube or you post videos on any other social media, it is a good idea to have them translated into the language of your audience. You can choose between VoiceOver or subtitling depending on your preferences and budget.
  • educational material translation – the training modules both for your employees and customers will be more efficient if translated into the learners’ mother tongue.
  • software localization – make sure that you have the right software to support any translated text.

There are other translation services that can be of use for your media translations and the best way to find out which are the most necessary for your business success is to consult your LSP.  

You can rely on ICD Translation for your media translation projects regardless of the type of service/s you need. We have extensive experience in the most common services such as website localization or desktop publishing and reliable knowledge of all the other tools your business needs in order to grow. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you on every step of conquering a new market regardless of the language your potential customers speak. 

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