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Translation Agency Specializing in English-to-Korean Translation Services

ICD specializes in verbal and written Korean translation services, including Korean document translation services. As a professional, certified translation agency we provide the very highest level of Korean translation services and business interpreter services.

Korean is one of the world’s oldest languages and is most likely a distant relative of the Ural-Altaic family of languages, which includes Mongolian, Finnish and Hungarian. Linguistically, Korean is unrelated to Chinese and is similar to, but also distinct from Japanese. In ancient times, various groups in the Korean peninsula merged into a homogenous people with a single language during the 6th to 14th centuries. By the 15th century, Korean emerged as the language we know today.

Specifics of the Korean Translation:

  • Traditionally, the language placed high value on expressing and receiving respect. Korean verbs have several forms to indicate the inferior, equal or superior status of one speaker to another. The language now uses only a few respectful styles, a change reflecting the growth of the middle class and greater social equality.
  • There is no upper/lower case distinction in Korean. Therefore, headings, titles and bullet points are given emphasis with italics, underlining or bold, and are sometimes parenthesized. A certified Korean translation agency will effectively emphasize headings, titles and other points using italics, underlining or bold. Korean document translation services by ICD ensure all formatting is consistent.
  • Modern written Korean is made up of only 40 characters. Korean as a language, however, is difficult to learn due to its grammatical intricacy and complex system of honorifics. Professional translation services are needed to handle these delicate intricacies. It is very important for a certified Korean translator to perform the translations.

Foreign Language Translation is Available for these Countries: North Korea, South Korea, China, Guam, Japan, U.S

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