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ICD Translation is a certified translation agency, specializing in high quality Italian translation services and interpretation services. We provide a wide variety of English-to-Italian translation services, including language localization for print, the web, E-learning, business translation, and more!

The original inflectional Latin language was opaque. The earliest written uses of the vernacular were legal documents regarding ownership of land. The French influence on Italy in this period added vocabulary, including the endings –iere and –aggio. Three great Italian writers– Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio– were the models for the linguistic unification of the nation and championed the validity of the vernacular as a literary language. From the end of the 18th to the middle of the 19th century, the proliferation of the language spoken in central Italy occurred and cemented it as one uniform national language. Today, Italian is the native language of 65 million people. It’s popularity and broad global reach makes it one of the most popular translation services to be provided by language localization companies.

Specifics of Italian Translation:

  • Romance languages, such as Italian, are generally 20%-25% longer than the English language source text. Text expansion may cause formatting problems after translation, so keep this in mind when you set up your English documents and pagination properties. Leave plenty of white space to allow for foreign language text expansion. Our professional Italian translators know how to deal with text expansion during the desktop publishing process.


  • The impact of the Italian language can be seen in many cultural spaces, such as music, food, literary classics and scientific fields.
  • Italian dialects, such as the ones spoken in Sicily, Venice, Naples and Sardinia, function as their own independent languages. In most cities, standard Italian and regional dialects are commonly used alongside each other.

Foreign Language Translation is Available for these Countries: Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, Vatican City, as a second language in Albania, Malta, Slovenia and Croatia, and by minorities in Crimea, Eritrea, France, Libya, Monaco, Montenegro, Romania and Somalia

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