Arabic Translation Services

Arabic Translation Agency with Native Speaking Translators

ICD Translation is an experienced Arabic translation agency. Our native speaking, professional translators provide high quality, certified Arabic translation services, including Arabic document translation services, Arabic interpretation services and more. The Arab Conquests during the 7th century sent Arabic speakers out of the Arabian peninsula and into the Middle East, North Africa, the Iberian peninsula and China.

Since then, many languages have borrowed words from Arabic including Persian, Turkish, Swahili, Spanish, Portuguese and English. Arabic is a religious language; Muslims are encouraged to use it during prayer. Today, as many as 420 million people speak the language. As the sixth most spoken language in the world, Arabic translation services are an essential stepping stone for many companies that want to expand their business by going global.

Specifics of Arabic Translation:

  • The language has many ways to convey the same meaning, so it’s essential to translate your content using a native speaker from the market you are targeting.
  • There are some letters that have no equivalent in English, which makes it difficult to write Arabic names precisely with English letters. A native Arabic translator will know how to effectively transliterate sounds and letters that have no English equivalent.


  • In some instances, a single English word cannot simply replace an Arabic word, so the translator may need to explain the meaning of the word using one or more sentences in English.
  • The language is written in a right-to-left script, which can be more complicated to work with because the organization and directionality of the page layout are affected. Arabic document translation services by ICD Translation can effectively work with right-to-left script, ensuring the translation remains accurate throughout the desktop publishing process.

Foreign Language Translation Services are Available for these Countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Gambia, Eritrea, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Western Sahara, Yemen.

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