Translation Agency for Construction Industry

Technical Document Translation Services for Construction-Related Materials

As a translation agency for the construction industry, we know global economies are rapidly expanding. New buildings and infrastructure need to be developed to support this global expansion. Demand for highly complex construction equipment and machinery is at an all-time high.

Our highly accurate technical document translation services, help the construction industry engage foreign target markets and increase international sales like never before.

Why Choose ICD Translation

To be successful on a global scale your customers must be able to effectively and safely use your equipment and machinery, as well as understand its importance within a particular application.

ICD employs native-speaking translators who are knowledgeable about construction equipment, technical industry terminology, and industry audiences. Our translation agency helps your target audience easily understand how to safely and effectively use your equipment and machinery.

 Our Advantages

Businesses in the construction industry require language localization for the following:

  • Service & Product Offerings
  • Safety Materials
  • Installation, Maintenance & User Operating Manuals
  • Instructional and Training Manuals
  • Technical Drawings & Specifications
Our highly accurate and effective document translation services help you reach broader global markets, contributing to your company’s international success.

ICD provides professional translation services for over 75 different languages including Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, German and many more.

Contact ICD Translation today to discuss your language localization needs; we’ll respond shortly!