Learning as a whole has experienced dramatic changes in the past decades – from a standard classroom setting and instructor-led training to modern gamification, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality training options. E-learning itself has also developed rapidly and 2018 saw quite a few new trends entering the market. 

The experts are already looking into 2019 and the new challenges it is going to offer. Most of the expectations are that it will pick up where 2018 left off and continue upgrading the trends introduced last year.  

Technology will remain the leading keyword when it comes to e-learning this year. No matter if you are teaching kids, adults or you develop courses for corporate learning, you need to take advantage of the advanced opportunities new technologies offer. On the other hand, many users may not be prepared to take on all of the new changes as that will mean a whole restructuring of their learning management systems (LMS) and websites in order to make them responsive to the new technology. 

Still, when it comes to e-learning, we shall be prepared to experience well-established methods such as microlearning at a different angle. The hope of most experts interviewed by Elucidat about the big digital trends in 2019 is that there will be greater focus on content and learning will be more people-centered aiming to provide actual positive experience and new knowledge and skills.  

Here is what we can expect in 2019 – e-learning solution that aim to meet the needs of the learners, put the person in the center of the process and try to offer the most suitable options of learning.  

Adaptive Learning 

Adaptive learning is a trend that is going to see greater adoption and development in 2019. This is an approach that allows the course to be customized to the specific needs of each learner. The learning is paced in accordance with the performance of the learner, which means that the difficulty and pace of the course can be adjusted in real time to match the speed of the learner.  

Adaptive learning is suitable for different types of learners and can be a good idea for corporate training as well. It allows each user to skip the content that they are already familiar with and focus on the new skills. Adaptive learning needs to be paired with effective assessment and analysis that measures the effectiveness with the training. 

The number of platforms offering adaptive training is growing and the technology advancement facilitates the process. The main advantages of adaptive learning include a better learning experience, learning at your own speed, and the availability of data about the students that can be analyzed in order to improve the learning. It is a trend that is expected to get its full potential in 2019.  


Even though microlearning is not a new or emerging tendency, it still deserves its place in 2019. This type of learning is here to stay and we expect that it will see further development. This is one of the preferred modes of learning adopted by organizations for corporate training. It allows content to be divided into smaller chunks and makes it easier for the learner to assimilate the information. 

As microlearning consists of smaller modules, it is simpler to complete them and you can learn on the go. The main focus is on creating meaningful content that is actually useful for the learner because simply breaking it into small chunks will not make it great. It is necessary to know the needs of the learners and cater to them while using the most appropriate format.  

Blended Learning 

Blended learning accommodates the positives of both traditional and e-learning in order to offer supreme learning experience for the users. It is often referred to as hybrid learning to denote that it combines online digital media and the setting of the traditional classroom and its methods.  

In order to make the learning more effective, blended learning offers an educational program that is divided into face-to-face classes and online lessons. It is a good approach to be used in educational institutions as it offers more freedom and variety to the students and makes the learning environment rather interesting.  

AR and VR to form MR 

Another interesting trend that also combines two forms is the emerging MR or mixed reality. It brings together Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in order to present the learner with a unique method of acquiring new knowledge and skills. The trend is going to be widely used throughout 2019 and beyond. 

Educational institutions have already adopted AR as a way of teaching students different subjects, including Math. It allows changing the content in a way that thrills the learners and results in higher retention levels and better results.  

Virtual reality on the other hand, is most commonly used to teach safety-related procedures. It allows the learner to be part of a potentially dangerous situation such as fire, earthquake, someone getting a heart attack and learn from their mistakes. VR is an effective learning tool for both young and more mature learners and it can be successfully used for a great variety of situations.  

The combination of both AR and VR will provide more opportunities for the learners to experience the knowledge and develop their skills in a safe learning environment.  

Online Mentorship Programs  

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, pointed out that one of the biggest similarities between great people is that they all had someone to believe in them and guide them on the way. “Ask any successful businessman and, if they are honest about it, they will almost certainly admit to having benefited from the advice of a mentor at some point along the way,” are the words of the successful businessman that summarize the essence of The importance of having a mentor in business.  

As we all want to learn from those who have the right experience, it is natural that online mentorship programs are going to gain popularity in 2019. They are a great way to ensure personalized experience and first-hand knowledge in a certain field. Students can take advantage of live chats with subject experts, watch pre-recorded videos, and attend webinars in order to gain the knowledge and receive the support they need in order to succeed.  

A mentorship program can be established in educational institutions or in any corporation trying to provide the learners with the best options for development.  

As expected, 2019 is going to be an interesting year for the development of e-learning. Experts in the industry and learners alike will have the opportunity to enjoy courses that provide the very best the market can offer as of today. Established tendencies will be refreshed and upgraded in order to offer a better learning experience and generate tangible results.  


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