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E-learning has become an important part of the corporate life in many businesses. It helps train new and current employees and enhances productivity and retention. In order to be successful, the e-learning modules need to be tailored according to the needs of the individual company first and to the needs of each group of employees that need to be trained as a second. There are many benefits of creating customized courses that are then translated and localized in order to best answer the specific demands of each target group. 

In order to make the e-learning process even more personalized, it is a good idea to add some unexpected and interesting elements. A chatbot, for example, is one such good idea and below you will find how to create one and use it for your e-learning.  

Rewards of Customized E-Learning Development

To invest in custom learning is a smart move for each company, since it will bring many benefits and rewards both for those who are trained and for the overall development of the organization. In order to promote continuous learning, the company needs to provide such trainings that are both customized and take into account the latest developments. The biggest rewards from such types of e-learning modules are the following: 

  • Relevant training 

Adult learners are motivated mainly by the fact that they are going to acquire a new skill or learn new information that is immediately applicable in their everyday life. When the modules are developed in a way that reflects the needs of the learners, it will be much easier for the management to motivate the employees to complete the training. The course needs to present situations and offer solutions that the learners can relate to and that is exactly what is achieved with the customized training modules. 

  • Performance-related custom skills and solutions 

If the processes and procedures that you present to your employees are unique for your industry, branch or specific for your company, then you need a tailored approach to presenting them. A customized training will provide customized skills and solutions that will enhance the overall productivity. If a new process is explained in an understandable way, through the right learning material, it will be easier to grasp and implement.  

  • Engaged participation 

When the learners understand all parts of the training they feel that it was created specifically for them and are more engaged with the overall process. In order to increase the participation, the learning modules need to be meaningful, interesting and interactive. Gamification, for example, is one good suggestion for engaging training. Feedback is also very important – both to give learners the opportunity to express their opinion and to give them feedback on their performance. 

  • Easy content upgrade and update 

With customized learning modules it is much easier to upgrade and/or update the content. Modification is also easier in the cases when you need to adapt it to a new e-learning platform or software. When you own the source files, you can amend them in accordance with your needs without that costing too much.  

  • Cost reduction 

Last but not least, customized modules can save a lot of dollars for the company since it will invest only in such content that enhances the actual knowledge and skills of its employees and brings in more innovation and higher productivity as a result. Sometimes, the initial price for developing a customized training course may be higher, but in long term the investment is worthy. The developed course will be fully owned by the company, so there will be no need to pay every time a training is needed. Besides, it will be cheaper to make some amendments like updates, as we already mentioned above rather than creating new modules each time a procedure changes.   

Chatbots and How They Can Help Your E-Learning Program

When we are talking about customized experience, there is one more useful tool that can make our e-learning much more interesting and different as an experience. Adding a chatbot to your e-learning modules is an innovation that anyone can make use of, even though if they have no programming experience. At least that is what Alexander Salas promises us in his article 10 Steps for Creating A Custom Chatbot for eLearning and he holds true to his word. Following his instructions, anyone can make their own customized chatbot and incorporate it in their e-learning. 

But what is a chatbot after all? A chatbot is also referred to as a talkbot, chatterbot, Bot, IM bot, interactive agent, or Artificial Conversational Entity. Basically, it is a computer program or an artificial intelligence, which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods.  Chatbots analyze user input and generate answers accordingly.  

Once you have created your chatbot and the knowledge base it is going to use, you can customize it to answer your questions related to your e-learning course. The chatbot can be your mate or your “instructor” who can answer questions related to the material that you currently study and that are contained in it. You can use it in Q&A sessions to memorize new material easier or to check the knowledge you have acquired. 

As it is not necessary to have programming skills to create your chatbot, you can consider adding it to your e-learning program. Thus, you will make the process much more interesting and different even from the latest forms and trends of e-learning 

Each e-learning course is customized with its very creation since it is made to take into account the needs of a particular audience. Further customization is achieved by localization of the content so that it sounds better and closer to a particular linguistic group, for example. Custom e-learning development is beneficial for all parties involved, since it gives the learners exactly what they need and allows the developers to deliver the right message with their modules. 



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