Promoting your business in a new country is a challenging undertaking that involves a lot of energy, planning, and budgeting. In addition to a smart marketing strategy, your need proper translation of your ideas so they resonate with your customers. A trusted language service provider who can cover all your translation needs is the right partner to look for. There is also a range of translation services that you need to envisage in order to boost your business abroad. Below are five of the most important areas for translation. 

Website localization

The first step in conquering a new market is to present your company and its products or services. Your website is your portal to the world and you have spent a lot of time and money to make it the best. Now you have to translate and localize it so that it is easily accessible by the foreign speakers whose country you are targeting. To get that done you need website localization and translation services

There are different tips and practices for successful website translation and localization and you need to decide which approach is the best for your business. The main question to answer is whether you want a multilanguage site – one site that supports several different languages, or a multisite – that means buying different domains for the different countries and having each site in the respective language of the country. 

Generally, a multilanguage site is much easier to manage. You decide whether the entire content of the site is translated into the other languages or only certain parts, such as the contact pages, product/services descriptions but not the blog, for example. You can include other pages or elements of the site as you go or add foreign languages when needed. The best option is to have all of the content translated into all of the languages you have selected. Thus, your customers will feel the special attention and that they are not “second-hand” customers who are not entitled to reading your latest news or blog articles, for example. 

Software translation service 

Quite logically the next step after website translation and localization involves software translation services. This quite specific and you need the right professionals for the job – both experiences translators and software engineers. Software localization is an important service as it makes sure that all your translated content is properly displayed regardless of the language you have selected. You don’t want to invest in good website translation and localization and end up with a screen that doesn’t support Chinese characters or is too narrow for the Spanish version of the content. 

Quite often website localization and software translation services go hand in hand. This ensures the maximum coverage of the customer’s needs. It is a good idea to work with a single provider of both translation services to guarantee the coherence and timely implementation of the project. 

Marketing translation and localization

A well-prepared marketing strategy is the key factor for a successful market penetration both on the domestic and foreign fronts. For that strategy to work well in the different countries it needs to be adapted to their specific language, culture, needs. A marketing translation and localization guide can help you focus on the most important points that include research of the target audience, proper language and message for each market, proper format of the marketing and advertising materials. All your translations need to lead to a message that is consistent for each market regardless of its form. 

Technical document translation 

Any business has technical documentation that needs to be translated into the language of the target market. Technical document translation is a specific service offered by both freelance translators and translation agencies. It is done by highly professional translators who have subject-matter knowledge in the specific field of your business and are aware of the terminology and the legal regulations that guide this type of business. 

Some of the tips for translating technical documents include compliance with the principles of technical writing, using simple and well-structured language, avoiding ambiguity, slang or idiomatic expressions, consistent use of terminology. A great hint is to use the same grammar structures for similar points in the text, giving directions of usage, for example. Thus, the content sounds familiar and is easier understood by the end user. 

Creative translation 

Last but not least, consider creative translation as part of the services that can boost your business promotion abroad. While most of the services listed above also include a creative approach to the translation process, there is a specific service called transcreation that focuses on the creative side of the job. 

So what does transcreation include and how it differs from translation? The MacMillan Dictionary defines transcreation as “a distinct translation process that is mainly used to describe the adaptation of advertising and marketing copy” and Your Dictionary refers to is as “an adaptation of a creative work into another language or culture.” The key word to focus on is adaptation. The main difference between transcreation and translation is that the first does not simply render a notion from one language into another. When translating a company logo or slogan we are looking for the best way to localize it so that it resonates with the local public. Quite often this means creating totally different content that brings the main idea to life but is clad in various words. Transcreation is often provided by expert translators who are also experienced copywriters. They have the skills to work with words and to write catchy content that attracts attention. 

It is good to know that transcreation unlike translation is billed by the hour and not by the word. Take this into account when you are planning your budget for creative translation services. Here at ICD Translation we have a team of well-educated and experienced translators who are subject-matter experts and various fields, which allows us to offer a great range of services. Our professionals are at your disposal for any task that will lead to a successful boost of your business abroad.

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