For e-learning professionals, it is important to keep on track with the latest trends in the industry. Whether if you are a designer with extensive experience or you have just started working, you need to know all about how to use storyboards, how to create a great user interface design or how to use animation in e-learning. Webinars are one of the most popular and accessible ways of upgrading and updating your knowledge and they are not only for designers. 

It takes a whole myriad of experts in order to create a successful e-learning course and all of them should be familiar with the novelties in the industry. Attending e-learning events is no doubt a great way to both gain new skills and enhance your professional network, however, it also demands a lot of resources in terms of time and money. The webinar is a more affordable option. The good news is, that there are companies that also offer free webinars, which are available either for the broad public or for subscribers. 

Here are a few sites that you can visit and check their archived or upcoming webinars.  

The eLearning Guild Webinars 

The eLearning Guild is a well-established and popular source of information and networking for e-learning professionals. The organization is open to everyone interested in e-learning and strives to organize events that are beneficial to everybody in the industry. Being a member gives you access to conferences, online webinars, eBooks, white papers, research reports and much more. The topics are always reflecting ideas and novelties to the e-learning field with tons of practical tips and advice. It is a place where people can share their expertise aiming to create additional value for all parties interested in the process of e-learning.  

Their webinars section is divided into several themes directing the users to the “Best of” Webinars or Sponsored Webinars with a schedule of the upcoming events that you can join.  

Webinars Provided by eLearning Learning  

The goal of the eLearning Learning website is clear – to bring out the best content about e-learning available on the web and provide useful insights to professionals in the industry. If you are looking for ideas of better corporate training or how to integrated augmented reality into your next module, this is the place to visit for help. 

In addition to the blog posts dedicated to a great variety of topics, you can also find links to free webinars that can enrich your knowledge in the field of e-learning. The archive is quite abundant and you can find webinars from last month along with interesting ones dating back to 2013, for example.  

Webinars by the eLearning Industry  

Founded in 2012 the eLearning industry is a network-based media and publishing company that provides a safe environment for e-learning professionals and instructional designers who want to share their insights and stay up to date. Their website offers everything you might need, from useful and interesting blogs, through free online webinars to job openings.  

Members will simply need to sign in to watch a webinar from the archive. There is also an option to view those that are forthcoming and choose the right one that you are interested in. There is a short annotation about the topic, the content and the speaker to help you with your selection.  

E-Learning Uncovered Online Resources and Webinars  

E-Learning Uncovered offers various services to people interested in the different aspects of e-learning. Here you can find e-learning books on topics like how to use Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate. You can also enroll in a personal online training with experts in the given field who can teach you or your team of the tool that you have selected.  

In addition to that, E-Learning Uncovered also offers a series of free online tools to help enrich your knowledge. There is an archive with free webinars that you can watch at any time you like. The topics cover a vast area and every e-learning enthusiast can find something useful to broaden their horizon. Special attention can be drawn to the series of webinars dedicated especially to new e-learning designers developed by Tim Slade. If this is your specialty you can look for them and get some hands-on experience with designing an e-learning module.  

Join the eLearning Brothers for a Free Webinar 

Launched in 2009, eLearning Brothers has become a global provider of e-learning templates, design and customized training for professionals. They offer a range of custom solutions along with a blog based on their website where you can gain all sort of ideas on how to improve the e-learning experience both for its creators and end users. 

A valuable asset all e-learning professionals can make use of is the library with webinars that can be freely accessed. A new webinar is added roughly every week so you can stay tuned to what is new in the industry.  

Webinars are a great way to polish the knowledge you already have or to add some additional skills to your portfolio. The option for free access provided by the sites above is a great opportunity to invest more in your personal development as an e-learning specialist without additional weight on your budget. As most of the sites also offer posts from fellow professionals, you can also consider contributing and sharing your personal experience and insights.  


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