The Hmong population in the USA is constantly growing according to the data provided by the Pew Research Center. In 2000, the population was 186,000 while in 2015 it amounted to 299,000. As per the latest data given by Wikipedia, the number of Hmong people in the USA is 309,564 as of 2017, while the distribution by states is as follows: California 91,224; Minnesota 66,181; Wisconsin 49,240; North Carolina 10,864; Michigan 5,924; Colorado 4,530; Georgia 3,623; Alaska 3,534; Oklahoma 3,369, and Oregon 2,920.

The figures reveal the importance of the Hmong language and explain why it is critical to provide the Hmong population with efficient, reliable, and fast translation services.

Is Hmong an important language?

Based on the figures above it is visible that Hmong plays a significant role in the communication patterns in the USA especially in the states where most of the Hmong population is located – California, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Most of the people speaking the language are refugees who came to the USA from China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. The first migrants arrived back in 1975 and now the number of Hmong-speaking population is naturally growing. Traditionally, the Hmong family has at least six members, which explains the increase of Hmong people in the country. It is worth paying attention to their language and investing in various Hmong translation services.

Why is Hmong translation necessary?

Because of the specifications of the Hmong language and culture, it is essential to offer Hmong translation services in several areas. Some of the older generation does not speak any English and they need assistance with getting healthcare services, for example. On the other hand, they are not able to teach their children and grandchildren to speak English, which may cause youngsters some problems in coping at school.

Hence, medical translation and interpretation services along with certified educational interpreters are critical for the well-being and further growth of the Hmong population.

Becoming a Hmong translator and/or interpreter is also a wonderful option for career growth among the population. It is a chance to educate more people about Hmong culture and traditions while also giving a chance to older generations to participate actively in the economic life of the USA.

When Hmong translation can save lives?

Since Hmong is one of the important languages for the USA and more precisely in states such as California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Carolina, efficient and reliable translation services for this language can be critical in several areas. When it comes to translating legal documentation or providing medical translation services in hospitals, the right service can literally save lives.

A language service provider with an established Translation Management System (TMS) and sufficient experience in Hmong translation services can be the right partner for both individuals and businesses of any size who need to communicate in this language. There are several areas where Hmong translation services are necessary and in few of them, we can describe them as critical:

  • Healthcare

As per the requirements of title IV of the Civil Rights Act, each health care institution is obliged to provide medical interpretation to patients who do not speak or understand English well. As we already mentioned, the older Hmong generation who came to the USA may not know English. Furthermore, the traditional Hmong medicine practices and beliefs are much different from the modern healthcare system in the USA. Hence, a qualified medical interpreter can literally save the life of a patient by explaining to their family the necessity of certain manipulations.

  • Education

A child born and raised in a family that speaks only Hmong may have some issues during the first school years. Here, the help of an educational interpreter is critical to ease that process and to facilitate the overall educational development.

  • Legislation

Understanding legal documentation is critical to following laws, rules, and regulations. No matter if it comes to country or state laws or commercial partnerships, it is necessary to communicate the requirements in the right language. Since legal translation services are quite specific, it is essential to work only with translators/interpreters who are native in Hmong and have a legal background.

  • Safety

Safety issues may be caused by improper translation of technical documentation, for example. If you are launching a product that targets the Hmong population, you need to make sure that all its user manuals, guides, and specifications are properly translated in their own language. Thus, you will boost your market penetration and ensure that your product is used as intended. On top of that, you will also follow all the safety requirements demanded by the regulations in your industry.

  • Business

Regardless of the size of your business, if it is located in or targets any of the states where Hmong population is significant, it is critical to have your services translated in Hmong. Website localization is a way to reach more people by giving them an option to understand about your business and brand identity in their own language.

  • Personal communication

In addition to business communication, Hmong translation services can facilitate some more informal communication. A qualified Hmong translator can help with finding more about your ancestors or simply facilitate communication with long-lost relatives from other countries all over the world.

These are just a few of the areas where Hmong translation services can be critical. As long as you have the right service provider to assist you with this specific language, you can rest assured that your message will be sent over.

Should you demand to find the best translation services in Hmong, it is worth searching for a reliable language service provider who has extensive experience and offers various services. Here at ICD Translation, we are able to help you with technical translation services, medical translation, legal assistance and much more depending on your needs. Simply contact us with your request and we will find the best way to assist you.

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