Interpreting services are a significant part of almost any business as they facilitate communication between partners, providers, customers and even employees. With the development of technology, language access is easier and interpretation services are growing more and more diverse. Video remote interpreting (VRI) is quite beneficial for many industries that include education, healthcare, business, government, etc. It is one of the modern solutions when you need to communicate with people speaking a language different than yours. Here are a few details that characterize VRI and what are the main advantages for your business.  

What is VRI? 

Video remote interpreting is an interpreting service, which uses videotelecommunication and web cameras or videophones. It can be used both for spoken and sign language. The interpreters are located at a different site than the users of the service. The parties are connected via sophisticated web-based platforms and use both audio and video cues to communicate. Most of the language service providers that offer video remote interpreting offer user-friendly portals with easily-operated interface through which the users can log in and request the service whenever they need it. Thus, the geographical limitations are not a factor when you need to find an interpreter.  

How does VRI Help us Communicate?  

While an on-site interpreter is a great asset, not all companies can afford having one available at all times. Hence, they can resolve the communication issues they have by using remote interpretation in the form of VRI. The service is very useful especially in times when urgent interpretation is needed and there is no way to summon an experienced professional interpreter to come to your place. VRI is extremely useful for the healthcare sector as there are often emergency situation where the life of a person literally depends on their ability to communicate in their own language. The technology that enables VRI allows a quick resolution to such situations in the most professional way.  

Why is VRI a Good Solution for your Business? 

Video remote interpreting can turn out to be the right form of interpreting services for your business because of a series of reasons. Here are a few of the most important ones: 

  • It is cost efficient 

In case you do not need interpretation services on a regular basis, it may be a good idea not to use professionals that come to your office, workshop or other venue. It is much easier to use a platform to connect to a remote interpreter that can provide a professional service whenever you need it. In addition to that, these services are usually paid by the minute, so you pay only for the time the interpreter works with you and you do not have to pay for travel, relocation or accommodation.  

  • It is suitable for small-scale projects 

In case you are organizing an extensive employee training, conference or first-time meeting with new customers, it is worth having an on-site interpreter that will facilitate the communication. When you need just to ask a few questions or arrange a few details, however, it is much easier to use video remote interpreting. It is much faster and definitely more convenient simply to log in and request professional assistance for say half an hour rather than trying to find an interpreter to come to your venue.  

  • It is the only alternative 

If you live in a remote area or in such a place, where interpreting services are not easily accessible (because of social, economic or other factors), VRI can be the only alternative allowing you to use professional services of high quality. Because of the modern technologies, you can avail of the best professionals in the field regardless of your location. 

Benefits of VRI

There are several benefits of video remote interpreting that are valid regardless of the scope of your business or industry. There are three main advantages that you need to consider when thinking about VRI: 

  • Accuracy 

The visual support that telecommunication provides guarantees the higher accuracy of the interpretation service. Besides, you know that you have access to experienced interpreters, who have extensive knowledge in business interpretation or in any other particular sphere like law, medicine or education.  

  • Immediate reaction 

VRI provides immediate service whenever you need it. No matter if it is a patient who came to a health center seeking help or a partner who visited you in order to ask a few questions about the new campaign you are launching. This is a service that is very convenient for any business because of its timely reaction.  

  • Access to non-verbal communication  

One of the most valuable assets of VRI is that you are seeing the interpreter and they see you, which means that they can rely on the nob-verbal language as well. This enhances the quality of communication for the parties involved. VRI is also quite suitable for sign language interpretation, which is a great asset.  

Video remote interpreting combines all of the features of on-site interpreters along with some other benefits like cost efficiency and immediate reaction that turn it into one of the best interpreting solutions for any business.  

The overall conclusion is that video remote interpreting is an excellent service for many industries. It allows access to professionals who can help solve urgent problems or simply facilitate the communication. The fact that you can see the interpreter is also very beneficial as it builds trust between all the parties involved. It can save costs and time and answer your interpretation needs whenever necessary.  


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