The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) creates numerous rules and regulations that all businesses must follow in order to maintain compliance with proper safety protocols. Failure to do so can result in horrific accidents, employee fatalities, and very large fines and other penalties. Needless to say, if your company operates in multiple countries or with people who speak a diverse range of languages, you need the highest quality translation management system (TMS) that can handle OSHA requirements and compliance training.

As employers are responsible for making all their workers aware of these requirements and training them properly for the best safety practices, educational material translation is one of the most important steps in maintaining a safe and penalty-free workplace. You need to go beyond a simple automated system in order to make sure everyone understands exactly what they have to do on a regular basis and in case of an emergency.

Why OSHA Requirements Matter So Much

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was created decades ago in the United States to come up with and enforce necessary rules and regulations to keep workers safe. Today, every company across all industries must follow OSHA guidelines in order to stay compliant with the law and help their workers avoid injuries, illnesses, and even death. These requirements matter first to prevent those horrific things from happening and secondly to make sure your company does not have to pay massive fines due to noncompliance.

These are not things that only the company owners or top managers need to worry about. OSHA requires posting visible and understandable information for every worker to see. This makes translation services for OSHA documents so important to every company. You need to inform your workers of the best practices and all the safety precautions they should take while staying on the right side of the law.

so important to every company. You need to inform your workers of the best practices and all the safety precautions they should take while staying on the right side of the law.

Educational Material Translation Improves Training

Many of the requirements put forth by OSHA have to do with properly training employees to follow safety rules at all times. In a multilingual workplace or in a company that has multiple locations around the world, maintaining compliance with these smart rules still makes sense. In order to train people to stay safe, you need to use the language that they understand.

True understanding of safety training materials comes from a translation that begins with knowledge of the content itself. You cannot simply do a word for word switch and expect that the document conveys the same meaning. When safety is on the line, you want to avoid OSHA translation mistakes as much as possible. Proper training in accessible language will greatly improve the response from workers if a safety problem occurs or something is not working correctly. This can save your company a lot of time, money, and trouble. It could even save someone’eLearnings life.

Keep Rules and Regulations Clear for Everyone

A large part of complying with OSHA standards is educating every person who works for a company in various ways. Everyone in the compnay is required by law to know what the OSHA regulations for their industry are. While many of them will not read the poster or flyer outlining them, they still need to exist and be accessible at all times. If a person does not speak English or whatever language the documents are in originally, you need to have them translated to ensure understanding for everyone.

Some companies prefer to have safety training or regulation compliance information on the business website as well as posted in compliance with OSHA regulations. This is especially useful if you use any type of eLearning system to train your workers. While you may prefer a human touch for something as serious as these occupational safety standards and instruction, you can also use automated website localization systems to translate online content with ease. This is an efficient way to host multiple languages of the same information available for all employees and outside contractors.

Safety for Industrial, Manufacturing, and Other Industries

All of the rules OSHA has come up with exist for a reason. They are specific and individual for every industry represented by numerous businesses on earth. While it is true that OSHA is based in the United States and regulates companies in this country, the standards they put forth are exceptionally important when it comes to safety. Educating workers, posting information, and complying with these regulations the matter where you do business creates much better working conditions for everyone involved.

In order to meet the legal standards put forth by this agency, you do not have to post or teach the entire list of rules. You need to focus on those specific to your industry as well as general best practices for safety in the workplace. This presents a problem for some translation services who do not have specific industry knowledge to make the documents understandable by people who work with in it. 

This makes choosing the right translation management system (TMS) that much more important. If you opt for machine language services or translations based on powerful software solutions, you need to know that they have the industry-specific knowledge you need. When it comes to OSHA regulations, you do not want to take any chances. Saving a few dollars or a day or two on a nonprofessional language service provider can lead to horrendous problems in the future.

When safety and legal compliance is on the line, ICD Translation stands ready with industry specific, native speaking translators, that allow you to follow all necessary regulations and rules from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) agency in the United States. Not only can we help all of your employees around the world understand the best practices for maintaining a safe workplace, but we can help to keep you compliant the rules by creating necessary posters and pamphlets that will educate everyone from the top down.

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