Perhaps sales are stagnant or sliding. Maybe you are experiencing growth and want the trend to continue. Marketing to consumers who are bilingual or reaching out to a broader, international audience can be a very productive approach to increase your sales. Although English is considered a global language, most customers prefer to do business in their native language. A 2014 Common Sense Advisory survey found that “75 percent [of global consumers] prefer to buy products in their native language. In addition, 60 percent rarely or never buy from English-only websites.” Further, a Harvard Business Review study revealed: “72.1 percent of consumers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language. 56.2 percent of consumers said that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.” Customers feel loyalty towards companies that speak to them in their native language. There are over 7 billion people in the world but only 340 million are native English speakers. In fact, English is only the third most spoken language in the world, following Chinese and Spanish. Imagine the business possibilities awaiting companies that make the decision to translate their websites.

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Traditional website translation services have long been the way businesses have gone about creating a global website. It can be a complex and costly venture since it involves so many steps: Hiring a web developer, exporting files from the website for quoting, processing the quote, having a professional translator manually translating each page (in which context can get lost), importing translated files back into the website, reformatting the pages, post editing and testing, and then, finally, launching the new global website. Further updates are manual, requiring the process to begin again.

Machine website translation has become a more affordable alternative to traditional website translation. While it is a budget friendly option and has recently become more accurate, it has some pitfalls. Machine translation takes common words and phrases and translates them using restraints based on how they are “typically” used. This makes translations fairly consistent, but oftentimes inaccurate because a machine is unable to detect cultural nuances, specific context, grammaticism, sentence structure, and slang. With machine translation, words, phrases and sentences can be mistranslated and not make sense or worse…offend your audience.  Website Translation Proxy driven by ICD Translation is a new technology that levels the playing field for companies that want the whole package. PASSPORT SM provides accurate and consistent human translation, boasts a 40 percent faster turnaround time and offers affordability of about 50 percent less than traditional website translation. Businesses can translate their website and keep it current without any development fees or costly, ongoing IT management.


Proxy servers are intermediary machines strategically placed around the world delivering web page requests and storing the content for future use to improve the overall request-reply speed of the data. PASSPORT SM is a seamless, cloud-based proxy that uses human translators to translate websites into any language within an automated and efficient process. Website data is directed through PASSPORT SM and processed for translation. “Layers” for each language are created on top of the existing website layout. Human translators work right in-layout, helping to ensure that the translated content matches the English website for both context and visual impact, providing a live preview of the translation in real time. PASSPORT SM discovers content regardless of how the website was built or what CMS is used. It is built on a Google® platform, and is SEO-ready. Content appears for relevant translated keyword searches. An automatic change detection feature monitors the content of the English website and sends any new content directly to PASSPORT SM for translation. It is subscription-based and the schedule is set up based on your daily, weekly or monthly needs. Cloud-based hosting eliminates the need to host and manage multilingual versions of the website. Therefore, minimal IT effort is needed. PASSPORT SM provides human translation, which is more accurate and consistent, within an automated process, which saves time and money. Are you ready to reach more customers and grow sales with PASSPORT SM Website Translation? Call for a demo today. At ICD Translation, we can show you how to Translate to Evolve.

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