When some people think of using a Translation Management System (TMS) to improve their reach into new markets, they may think of an increase in international marketing and profits. However, different languages spoken within the United States also provide the opportunity for boosting sales or hiring skilled and qualified individuals with greater ease and efficiency. If you run any type of business in Wisconsin, using translation services can increase your ability to engage with many of the people in the immigrant population who have made this great state their home.

What Languages Are Common in Wisconsin?

Although English is primarily spoken by the majority of people living in Wisconsin, and Spanish comes in second, you may be surprised to learn that Hmong is the second most common foreign language in the state. It accounts for approximately 1% of all households who live there. While this does not sound like much, it is actually quite a high number when it comes to multilingualism.

Hmong is spoken by individuals from southeast Asia and southern China both in those locations and all around the world. They have most commonly emigrated to the United States, Canada, and France. Wisconsin specifically has one of the highest percentages of individuals who speak Hmong in the United States. It is taught at the University of Wisconsin in Madison as part of an Asian and Cultures major. It stands to reason that if you do any type of business in the state, getting documentation, your website, and marketing materials translated professionally into Hmong makes sense.

Other Languages Commonly Spoken in Wisconsin

Besides a high number of Asian immigrants, the state of Wisconsin and neighboring Minnesota also have high populations of German, French, and Dutch descendants. Many of these people still speak the family language at home and may feel more comfortable doing so in business settings, as well. 

When you consider hiring a professional translation service to deliver content in alternative languages or localize your writing for different demographics in a state like Wisconsin, it is important to understand the fluency levels of each group. In the United States, languages like Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic are at the top of the list. If you target Wisconsinites specifically, Hmong is most important.

Why it Matters for Business and Education

When the largest university in Wisconsin provides specific language instruction in Hmong, it makes sense to consider it a viable option for business and educational opportunities in the state. No matter what type of company you operate there, you can improve your reach and effectively snare new demographics of potential customers, clients, and employees by using website localization services and educational material translation. Best of all, if you choose a language service provider like ICD Translation, you get comprehensive coverage of all of the languages of interest in the state.

How does your business benefit from professional translation services in Wisconsin

Increased Access and Engagement – The vast majority of businesses do not target people from a specific country. Whether you sell corporate software packages or t-shirts, you would happily offer your products to native Wisconsinites, Dutch settlers, or Southeast Asian immigrants equally. By using professional translation services, you can increase your professional access to more consumers or B2B contacts.

At the same time, you clearly demonstrate your willingness to go the extra mile to engage them on their level of comfort and understanding. This helps potential clients or customers get a better impression of your brand overall.

Improve Hiring Chances for Top Talent – Break down language barriers in Wisconsin and improve your hiring power when you have company materials translated into Hmong or other languages commonly spoken in the state. Attracting top talent these days should always focus on the global marketplace. However, if you find the perfect applicant or project team member right next door in your home state, you still need to know how to communicate with them effectively.

Boost Educational and eLearning Opportunities – The University of Wisconsin at Madison has the right idea by offering Asian studies and Hmong language classes to anyone who wants to learn more about this large demographic group. Educational material translation performed by top experts and AI systems delivers the most effective tools you have educate the groups of people you want to reach. This helps you improve training at your company or expand learning possibilities to students of any age level.

Although many people may simply think about cheese when Wisconsin is brought up in conversation, the state is truly an international center for immigrants from many parts of the world. As you explore the possibilities of expanding your business or educational opportunities in the state, it is important to realize what languages to translate all of your content and documentation in to reach the maximum amount of people.

With a relatively high percentage of people who speak the Hmong language from southeast Asia and China living in this chilly state, it makes sense to hire a language services provider who can deliver this and other languages with ease.Whether you need marketing material translated into a different language or localize to a specific region of the world, eLearning and educational content transformed into a highly understandable version, or have important technical documentation everyone needs to understand, ICD Translation has you covered. We offer comprehensive personal, machine, and cloud-based translation services for a variety of industries and needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach the wide variety of different language speakers in Wisconsin.

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