Translation and interpretation are an important part of any business and can be quite a successful undertaking if properly managed. If you want 2019 to be a good year for your business, you need to follow some of the trends in the industry and keep growing. 

One great idea is to visit translation conferences and interpreting events that can help you stay informed to the novelties in the field, grow your network and exchange ideas. It is also necessary to adopt new practices, add more services, and take care of your company website and team. Here are a few tips that can make 2019 one of the successful years both for your work and family life.  

Commit to Life-Long Learning 

Translators and interpreters work with words and we all know that the language is a living organism that constantly evolves. The Oxford English Dictionary, for example, added 1,400 new words, meanings, and senses in its latest update and editions of this size quite often happen 3-4 times per year. So, professionals in the industry need to constantly improve the languages in their work combination. 

In addition to your purely linguistic skills, you need to keep up with the new technologies in the field. There are many software programs and apps that can help translators and interpreters do their job. You need to work smarter not harder in order to be successful and profitable. Do not be afraid of the novelties offered in the industry but try to embrace them and find those innovations that will help your business, staff, and clients.  

Improve your Website  

You know that in our highly technological world the website is the business card of any company. If you haven’t invested enough in your website, this is the time to do it. Here are a few suggestions that can make your site more attractive:  

  • Choose a design that is intuitive and user-friendly. Your customers and prospects should easily find the languages you work with and the type of services you offer. 
  • It is a good idea to include a blog and write about the challenges of the profession, the new tendencies in the field or anything related to translation and interpretation. You can present your employees, partners, most loyal or successful customers. It is a good way to add value to the overall service that you offer to your clients. 
  • Make sure to work with an SEO specialist who can optimize your site so that you appear on google searches. This will help you drive traffic and eventually grow your profit. 
  • Last but not least, you can also translate your website. You can include the language or languages that you work with and target a broader audience. A good website translation is a key factor in promoting your own services so make sure to invest sufficient time in it.  

Find the Right Balance 

One of the important points to keep in mind is to strike the right balance between work and family life. No matter if you are married, single, with or without children, you need to dedicate enough time “off” work. Spending time with family, friends, following your hobby is a way to recharge and be more efficient at the workplace. 

It is counterproductive to work long hours every day as this may compromise the quality of your service. It is much better to consider raising your fee or adding more well-paid services that can give you the financial stability you need rather than working too long. 

Add New Services  

One of the ways to be more successful in 2019 is to add a few new services to the variety that you already offer. If you offer translation, you may think about focusing on the translation of marketing materials, e-mails or blog posts for clients who are exploring new markets. You can also think about a machine or blended translation and how this can help you provide a more competitive translation service. Another option is to include editing and proofreading service, in case you don’t offer them already.  

If you offer interpretation, you may think about adding over-the-phone or video remote interpretation services. They are gaining popularity and there is a great demand for such experts. Besides, these services give you an option to work with clients from all over the world. Shifting to medical interpretation is also a good option as more and more health care institutions are looking for qualified medical interpreters 

A greater variety of services will attract more customers. However, you need to make sure that you have undergone proper training so that you can keep the consistency of your services. Never compromise with the quality as this will affect your business in a negative way.  

Focus on Your Team  

Your staff is your greatest asset. Make sure to invest in their proper career development as you do in yours. This will help you serve customers faster and better and lead to higher profits. 

It is necessary to polish your peer connections and update your network. You can get in touch with other translators who have a different language combination and start working together by redirecting customers who look for their languages. You shall expect the same collaboration from them as well. Thus, you can grow your business and even enter new markets.  

It is important to keep investing in your professional development in order to be successful in 2019. Attending events and courses, investing in your company website, and improving your relations with employees and peers will give you a competitive advantage on the market. Seize any opportunity to learn something new and do not be afraid to follow and implement the innovations in the industry.  

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