Selecting the best language service provider is a task that should be approached with the necessary caution. It takes time to determine your specific needs and then find a vendor that can meet them and support you throughout your growth.

ICD Translation is a language service provider that has a long history in the linguistic field and offers a large variety of services covering the needs of both private and corporate clients. With almost 30 years of professional experience, ICD Translation is a veteran language service provider that is flexible and agile and can adapt to your unique needs as they evolve.

Starting out as a language learning service in 1991, Dany Olier and Catherine Deschamps-Potter have transformed ICD Translation into a major player in the professional translation service and localization technology industry.

ICD Translation services

One of the important factors that determine whether a given translation company is the right partner for you is the variety of services they offer. Here at ICD Translation we try to be a one-stop-shop for our clients and offer all types of interpreting and translation services.

Global companies and organizations depend on ICD Translation, a professional, experienced translation agency for: 

  • Translation of technical manuals and marketing collateral 
  • Website translation services and software localization 
  • Development of multilingual E-learning modules and E-learning translation services
  • Desktop publishing, document re-creation, and graphic design 
  • Interpretation – Simultaneous and consecutive 
  • Business translation services 
  • Voiceover, dubbing, and subtitling

We have significant experience in machine translation as well and we offer customized solutions that can meet the specific needs of each of our clients.  

Thanks to our cloud-based translation management system, we guarantee a smooth and reliable translation process that runs effortlessly for all sides. The idea of the translation management system is to offer a variety of cost-saving benefits by integrating your translation memories into our platform that allows us to reuse past translations for future projects and thus keep the consistency and ensure the quality of any translation that we provide, regardless of its type. As a result, we offer: 

  • Increased consistency 
  • Reduced turnaround times 
  • Decreased per-word translation cost over time 

Our innovative translation management system along with the myriad of translation and interpretation services we offer, make us the ideal partner and language service provider that can help your company grow and do its business regardless of the language needed for the upcoming projects.

Which industries does ICD Translation cover as a language service provider? 

It is extremely important to select a language service provider that works only with native speakers who are subject-matter experts in the field of your company. ICD Translations has extensive experience in various fields and covers nearly all industries on the market. 

We can be your translation partner when you need outstanding translation services. Our specialty fields include: 

  • Agricultural  
  • Construction 
  • Energy & Mining
  • Food & Beverage Equipment 
  • Industrial
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing & Distribution

In addition to our “Solid Seven,” we also do extensive work in the Automotive, Electrical Solutions, Metals and Welding, Measuring Devices & Controllers, and Travel & Hospitality industries. Each of these industries has specific jargon, terminology, and legal requirements that need to be taken into account when working with the technical documentation of the field. Quite often one word has more than one “correct” translation into the target language and it takes a real linguistic professional to make the right choice.  

We are constantly open to adding highly experienced and educated native speakers to our list of translators, which allows us to serve more and more industries. So, even if you do not see your industry on the list, make sure to contact us and we can see how best to serve your needs. The smooth process and the knowledgeable project managers make sure that each translation is not only submitted on time but that it also meets all the requirements of consistency and quality.  

Why is ICD Translation your language
service provider?

Whenever you make a choice for your business development, you should never settle for the average. The same rule goes for selecting a language service provider. Any high-quality service in the translation industry comes at a given price but an experienced translation agency as ICD Translation knows how to save you time and money.

The reason to choose ICD Translation lies in the variety of services we offer and in the great number of languages that our native-speaking translators work with. While you need 10 languages to reach about half of the population on our planet, we know that every language makes a difference, so we’ve got you covered with services offered in well over 85 languages.

On top of that, one of our commitments is to be completely transparent with all of our clients. Thanks to the cloud-based translation management system, you can keep an eye on the translation process without additional efforts. We keep our communication channels open and we are ready to signal you immediately in case we find any problem with the original text we have received from you or with any other reference materials. We are aware that translators are often the first readers of manuals, instructions, new site developments and we act as a true partner in trying to enhance the quality of the provided service by clearing up any misunderstandings or ambiguity that may result from unclear content, for example.

We provide start-to-finish project management, allowing us to be a complete source for all of your professional translation and localization needs. You can expect that when you use ICD’s services, your company will be a key player along with our highly professional staff of project managers, localization engineers, desktop publishing experts, and translators in your project. The process we use at ICD Translation is ISO 17100 compliant and has been refined over hundreds of projects to ensure that we build quality into each step of your project.

The overall goal of our team is to take any step necessary to meet your needs and help you achieve success as easily as possible. So, if you need a translation in any language or field, feel free to contact ICD Translation right now.  

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