Technical Translation Services

Technical Document Translation Provided by Native Speakers and Subject Matter Experts

Technical translation services involve document translation produced by highly skilled technical writers. These services cover highly technical, scientific and technological information.

ICD’s extensive network of technical translators is comprised of native speakers and subject matter experts. This specialized network enables highly accurate technical document translation for a wide range of fields, industries and languages.

Our 5-point Q.A. for Technical Document Translation

ICD is proud to guarantee our technical document translation services with a 5-point quality assurance process, which has contributed to the successful completion of hundreds of technical projects for clients all over the country.

  1. Use of Certified Technical Translators and Subject Matter Experts
  2. Terminology Database Development, Glossary and Style Guide Creation
  3. Proofreading, Tracking and Verifying Changes
  4. Desktop Publishing, Layout and Formatting Expertise
  5. Client Participation and Transparency

At ICD, each technical translator adheres to a stringent process that includes the development of a specialized terminology database, glossary and style guide. Using these materials as a solid foundation, we’re able to translate highly technical texts with greater consistency and accuracy than many other translation companies.

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