Software Localization Services

Software Translation Services Adapt to Linguistic, Cultural and Technical Requirements

ICD’s software localization services provide your global customers with the localized content they demand for a better user experience. Our software translation services adept to linguistic, cultural and technical requirements. As an experienced and professional translation agency, ICD helps you meet these demands while effectively engaging your international markets.

Our software localization services assist in:

  • User interfaces
  • Menus
  • Help files
  • iOS and Android applications

Through our flexible and agile software localization processes, ICD Translation provides customized solutions to ensure the successful international release of your software.

Our professional translators and software engineers can:

  • Adapt the user interface
  • Resize forms and dialog boxes as required
  • Localize graphics, visual symbols and keys
  • Analyze and parse codes
  • Compile and test localized files
  • Conduct linguistic and functional Q&A