Business Interpretation Services

Your Business Translator for Important Global Interactions

Business Translation Services Provide Effective Multilingual Communication with International Clients and Business Associates

Overcoming and adapting to language barriers and cultural norms within a professional environment is difficult. Eliminating these barriers requires an adept business translator. ICD Translation offers both simultaneous and consecutive business translation services.

How We Help

Our certified, technical business interpreters allow you to effectively communicate with international clients and business associates during:

  • Conferences and tours
  • International events
  • Meetings and presentations
  • Training
  • Sales demonstrations

Why ICD Translation

ICD is your experienced partner for both simultaneous and consecutive business translation services including:

  • Professional business interpreters
  • Encapsulated booths, headsets, receivers and other equipment
  • On-site technician(s) to handle all set up and break down of technical equipment

A Partner You Can Trust

Business interpretation is more than just talking in a foreign language to a group of people. Tone, inflection, professionalism and personality, in addition to accurate translation of the words, are all integral to effective business interpretation. In fact, a professional and effective interpreter can be crucial to the outcome of business negotiations and employee development and retention. Because we know the ins and outs of successful business interpretation, ICD Translation is ready to be your interpretation partner.

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