Cloud-Based Translation Management

Translation Service Provider Keeps You Informed and Involved with Unique Translation Management System

Cloud-Based Translation Management Ensures Seamless Project Experiences

You’re busy. We get that. We know the last thing you want to worry about is checking in with your translation service provider for an update on the status of your project. ICD Translation ensures seamless project experiences with our unique cloud-based translation management system (TMS).

Why Cloud-Based Translation Management?

With our Translation Management System You Can:

  • View translations in real-time
  • Track the progress of all your projects within a single, easy-to-use platform
  • Access your translation memories and terminology at any given time
  • Contribute to a dialog with your professional translators, editors and proofreaders
  • Participate in a review of your translations on the cloud
  • Integrate with your content management system (CMS)
  • Choose your level of involvement throughout the translation process

Why ICD Translation Management?

Our cloud-based Translation Management System offers a variety of cost-saving benefits —all of your previously completed translations are stored securely within the cloud—we can even import your translation memories from other vendors. Authorized stakeholders can review, search and update the translation memories in real-time. Your translation memories are seamlessly integrated into the platform making it possible for us to reuse past translations in your future projects.

Our translation memory management provides:

  • Increased consistency
  • Reduced turnaround times
  • Decreased per-word translation cost over time
cloud-based translation services

Unlike other translation companies, ICD offers complete transparency throughout the entire process with our cloud-based TMS. We provide start-to-finish project management, allowing us to be a complete source for all your language localization and professional translation service needs.

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