The international collaboration between retailers, wholesalers, and the manufacturers who actually create the products has increased exponentially in the past few decades. This leads to a massive need for technical document translation with a specific focus on speed and accuracy. After all, a shop owner in New York needs to trust that their product specifications are completely understood and precisely followed by a manufacturing plant in China, for example.

When it comes to minimizing turnaround time, nothing helps more than the new technologies in software-based translation services. Neural machine translation or statistical machine translation provide considerable benefits when it comes to rapid response. However, some people and companies shy away from automated systems because they received poor translations with too many errors in the past. When working with a language service provider, it makes sense to opt for the best quality possible. With today’s advanced systems, you do not have to sacrifice that quality for speed.

Choosing the Best LSP From the Start

No matter what services you are purchasing from a company, if speed is one of your requirements, it makes sense to do research on your options before you take the plunge. Generalized recommendations like, “who is able to provide the best quality services?” and “how long they usually take to do so?” are questions you can frequently find out through communication with the organization itself and looking over third-party reviews or testimonials. If you have a rush job for a Language Service Provider (LSP), you need to establish some level of trust as quickly as possible. This frequently comes down to understanding their translation process and workflow to become familiar and comfortable with every step along the way.

After all, you do not want to sacrifice quality for speed. This is especially important in the manufacturing industries where large product orders and prototypes are expected on very tight deadlines. When you have a client breathing down your neck to get their items in production as quickly as possible, you need to get your documents, technical instructions, and training content translated fast. You also need it 100% accurate so no errors occur during the manufacturing process. That would slow down things even more.

The Benefits of Machine Translation Memory (TM) Systems

Although human translations work exceptionally well for a wide variety of industries, when speed is one of the top priorities, you may opt for language software programs instead. This type of automation has come a long way since the early days of word for word exchanges. Today’s systems use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and translation memory systems. These real-time options can give you immediate document sharing and communication help when deadlines really matter.

Translation Memory (TM) Systems act as a type of multilingual database of expected words and phrases used in a particular industry or in documents of a similar type to the one that you want changed from one language to another. Not only does the software use these expected language options that align with the original text, they also include a strong proofreading and quality assurance process that goes over everything in the end. The result is high-quality translations in less time.

Working Fast While Maintaining Accuracy

Technical document translation has long been in the realm of human language experts. People with true fluency in multiple languages can provide these services as long as they also understand the industry they are working for. This matters because of the unique jargon and nuances that exist in everything from manufacturing to medical clinical trials and more. If one thing is wrong, the whole document breaks down and does not provide what is intended.

Both speed and accuracy are essential to the modern international manufacturing world. Using machine translations can definitely help speed up the process. They also ensure a high degree of accuracy these days. When quick turnaround time is the goal, is it necessary to risk errors in order to get the job done quickly? The answer to this question is a resounding, “no!”

How can you help ensure top-quality and a speedy delivery?

  1. Choose human or machine translation services with care. The File software-based systems may be faster or even deliver real-time translations, they still do not have the range of knowledge of a qualified human.
  2. Convey your needs clearly to the LSP. Give them a glossary of all terms relevant to your particular manufacturing industry or project needs. Also tell them the type of feel and meaning you want to convey for your brand specifically.
  3. Reveal information about the people who will receive the translated document. Are these clients, factory workers, or executives?
  4. Remain available for any follow-up questions, comments, and overviews of the process. Nothing slows down a project more than failing to provide answers or additional help when needed to the service process.

All of these things work together to facilitate an easier and faster manufacturing translation project. Just as you would not skimp on proper research and oversight in your factory or other facility, you should not do so when it comes to getting the best language services possible.

ICD Translation is in the business of providing both fast and accurate language services to a diverse range of industries and individuals. Not only are our linguistic experts knowledgeable of the particular languages and local dialects we work with but also with the industries like manufacturing that have specific technical jargon or unique vocabulary must be understood to transform accurately. We also offer the highest tech machine translation services to speed up the entire process and give you more control over when you need the finished documents on hand.

Contact us to get a quick response to all of your questions about our translation services and what we can do for your company. We know that manufacturing requires close compliance with deadlines and an exceptional degree of accuracy and specificity in order to have the best outcome possible. Let us help you achieve that all around the globe.

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