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Ramon was born in Chincha, a small town about 130 miles south of Lima, Peru. When he was four years old, Ramon and his family moved to Lima, the bustling capitol city of Peru, where he grew up.

As a native speaker, Ramon translates only from English into Latin American Spanish. His career as a translator began about 15 years ago when he was exchanging letters with some American pen-pals in order to practice his English language skills. One of his penpals sent him some software code and asked him to translate it. While translating the code, Ramon found that he really enjoyed the work so he switched careers!

An engineer and computer programmer by training, Ramon is focused on technical translation for topics such as software, hardware, heavy machinery, mechanical engineering, power, oil and gas and mining, among many others.

In his free time, Ramon enjoys reading, listening to music, going to the theatre and cinema, traveling, and hanging out with his beautiful hairless Peruvian dog named Bruno.