English to German Human Translator Service

English, Spanish and Catalan to German Translator

Born and raised in Germany in a small village near Cologne, Antje is an English, Spanish and Catalan to German translator. While her first love was mathematics, Antje could not resist her other passions: reading and languages. Her desire to travel and really get to know people from different cultures also played a big part in her decision to study translation. This was also a major reason why after studying translation in Southern Germany for a few years that she transferred to and completed her degree at a university in Barcelona, Spain. She’s lived in Barcelona ever since because the weather is nicer than in Germany!

Besides reading and traveling in her spare time, Antje has recently started learning Gaelic, the Celtic language native to Scotland. What she finds most interesting about Gaelic is that it is very different from most of the languages that she has studied in the past. It offers a glimpse into a culture and way of thinking that once dominated large parts of Europe. It’s also an extremely difficult language to learn, so Antje is convinced that she will not be offering Gaelic translations anytime soon!