ICD believes that following a proven and effective process is integral to a successful translation project.

You can expect that when you use ICD’s services, your company will be a key player along with our highly professional staff of project managers, localization engineers, desktop publishing experts, and translators in your project. The process we use at ICD, shown below, has been refined over hundreds of projects to ensure that we build quality into each step of your project.

Files for Quote

Client sends files for quotation. These files are assigned to a project manager.

Project Manager

Project manager prepares the files and then analyzes them. A report for the files is written up and submitted to the account manager.

Account Manager

The account manager reviews the report and provides the client with the quotation for services.

Quote Approved

Once the quote is approved by the client, all source files will be given to the project manager. The project manager will start the translation process.


Files are assigned to translators who only translate into their native languages.


After completing the translations, translators review their work before returning the files.

Client Review

If the client has requested to review the translations, a review copy will be sent to the client to approve before moving the files to the desktop publishing phase. Additionally, if you prefer to review your translations online, we can arrange to have the project managed, translated, and reviewed in the cloud.


The desktop publisher will clean up the files and format them according to the source files.


The files are proofread twice to make sure that all translations and layout formatting is correct.

Quality Assurance

Clients review a PDF proof of the file to make sure the translation and formatting meet company standards.

Return to Client

After the client has sent their approval, the project manager will send the translated source files in all the target languages.