Mandarin/Simplified Chinese Translation Services

Chinese Translation Agency Provides English-to-Mandarin/Simplified Chinese Translation Services

ICD serves as an experienced and professional Chinese translation agency (among other languages), providing written and verbal English-to-Chinese translation services. Our professional translators specialize in simplified Chinese (also known as Mandarin), as well as traditional Chinese translations.

In the early 1950s, Chinese linguists developed schemes for simplifying the writing system in order to promote popular literacy. The system of simplified characters is the foundation for the writing system of China today. Most publishing conforms to the simplified standard except when the intended audience is outside of China. Despite the variations in Chinese, there is no question that China—and, by default, the Chinese language—plays a huge role in the global economy as one of the world’s largest exporters. It is not uncommon for businesses to reach out to a translation agency for a certified Chinese translator when competing for business internationally.

Specifics of Simplified Chinese Translation:

  • Also known as Mandarin
  • Due to fewer strokes in comparison to its traditional counterpart, Simplified Chinese is easier to read, write and learn than Traditional Chinese.


  • When translating into Chinese, there are two questions to ask: Who is the target audience, and, more specifically, where is the target audience located? If your intended audience is in Mainland China, Mongolia or Singapore, you’ll want your Chinese translation agency to translate your content into Simplified Chinese rather than Traditional Chinese. In order to get the most accurate translations, it is extremely important to use a certified Chinese translator.

Foreign Language Translation is Available for these Countries: Mainland China (PRC), Taiwan, Mongolia and Singapore

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