The translation industry is continuously growing, and there is no end in sight. For your company to outsmart its competitors, you need insight. That is exactly where an experienced Language Service Provider(LSP) steps in.  This will allow you to be one step ahead of the game.

Industries that want to make products and services more accessible to their customers should use an LSP. They will help to develop a translation program that will make their products and services more familiar to their customers. Industry surveys show that up to 85% of consumers feel that having pre-purchase information in their language is a critical factor in buying goods and services.

Emerging Translation Programs

Are you new to translation and just starting out by translating a few projects? That is great!

Many emerging programs have embraced major world languages (English, Spanish, and Chinese) as a way to begin their translation journey. But those languages aren’t always spoken in the home. Therefore, unless you’re exclusively selling B2B, don’t limit yourself to major world languages. You will be ignoring the conversations and mindshare of consumers in their most comfortable, familiar environments. As a result, your brand will always feel “foreign.”

Dozens of household brands have made expensive translation errors because they failed to hire professional LSPs and native translators. Many of them use free online translation programs, which are too risky for business. While you can utilize these free tools if you’re just starting out, it’s not advisable in the long run. You need to upgrade and update your translation programs if you want your business to attain greater heights. 

It is recommended to find the best translation and localization partner that you can afford and that has experience in your specific industry.

Are You Ready to Expand Your Translation Program?

Before you add an overwhelming number of new languages to your roadmap, considering some things…What is the size, growth, online population, and use of major world languages? Will they help your company grow?

Businesses planning to expand globally or into regional markets will be quicker and more effective when you have the right resources. You need support for each new language you are targeting.

If you have a large volume of content translated into the target market’s native language, you must handle the task with precision and consistency. This includes business mission and vision to documents related to HR policies, new employee orientation, training, marketing, etc.

When expanding your translation program it is important to make an investment in an industry experienced LSP. They will not only focus on translating your materials, but making sure they are localized as well. It’s important to understand that business translation isn’t just about words. Rather, it’s related to what the words are about. That’s exactly what professional LSPs and translators are adept at dealing with.

So, when you want to expand your business quickly on foreign shores, you need to ensure that your translation program can create a local connection. This results in your intended message getting to the target audience without any important aspect getting lost in translation.

A quality LSP will also build and use a Translation Memory system (TM) and a Term Base (TB) for you. Both make sure all approved translations are consistent across all your projects. Which in turn will also save you money.

Translation Memory is a core component of any learning translation tool. It’s been around for more than 30 years and is the translation industry’s way of reusing previous translations to improve the quality of a user’s translations over time. Translation memory also boosts the user’s productivity by working in conjunction with Dynamic Machine Learning to auto-populate future translations based on the previously translated content.

Where to Expand?

Another advantage of modern-day businesses is the number of up and coming markets. Asia has seen considerable growth over the last decade and has the largest conglomeration of the emerging markets. Africa, previously considered as a continent less desirable for businesses to explore, is also enjoying a new lease on life. Six of the fastest-growing economies are in Africa.

With 380 million people, expanding into Latin America is a mouthwatering prospect. South American countries are vast, and the culture can change even within a country. Before launching a business in Latin America, you must understand your audience.

A linguist that is native to a specific area will be extremely valuable in South America. The best way to approach such a varied market is to choose one region and expand from there. The prospects for modern businesses to grow your business in foreign territories are endless in the interconnected world we live in today.

Mature Programs – Update. Improve. Maintain.

Translation is a fluid, meticulous business that is consistently evolving since no language is ever stagnant. Every tongue changes and grows to remain relevant as the world develops. Every translation program must, therefore, be updated, improved, and maintained to stay adept.

So just because you may have all of your materials translated, you still need to stay on top of it. Reviewing translated materials from time-to-time, ensures your message is consistent. It’s much easier and more cost-effective to maintain quality translations, than to re-due translations that have been ignored and are too far out-of-date.

Don’t rely on bilingual employees for the translation of your foreign language marketing materials. Even though they may have good knowledge of the target language, they may not possess the skill set of a professional linguist. In addition, they may not have a marketing background or familiarity with translating marketing materials and corporate communications.

Furthermore, hiring someone who knows local culture helps to ease the process of interacting with consumers. If you are dealing with native businesses, a linguist can also give you advice about business ethics, dress code, body language, and local culture. All of these issues can often have a direct impact on your company’s success abroad.

If you are looking for the right translation partner, ICD Translation is ready to assist you with any language or service that you need. Whether your translation program is emerging, expanding or mature, our cloud-based translation management system guarantees that you will enjoy a smooth translation process of the highest possible quality.

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