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The industries for which we provide translation services are generally complex and contain highly specific and technical terminology. The main challenge of technical translation is accurately translating this complex content. Best practices for receiving accurate translations and keeping costs lower include using clear, short and concise sentences, embedding only easily-understood graphics and illustrations, and utilizing both English/imperial and metric measurements, double-checking the metric conversions for accuracy.

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A good example of the complexity of technical industry translations is the foodservice industry. Few subjects are more open to linguistic and geographical variance than the food industry. The language of food is inherently vernacular, and English technical terms can have more than one “correct” counterpart in a foreign language. This applies even to basic food vocabulary—for example, the word “corn” can be translated into Spanish as elote in Mexico, maíz in Spain, jojoto in Venezuela and choclo in Chile.

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If your English terms are overly general in nature, translators may find it difficult to choose an accurate foreign language counterpart. The word “pan” can mean anything in English: frying pan, water pan, baking pan, chafer pan, saucepan, steam table pan, sheet pan, cold pan, etc. The list goes on. All of these terms have distinct translations in Spanish. Given this reality, how can you be sure you are receiving translations that effectively speak to your target audience?

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Let’s go back to the concept of building English glossaries. Glossaries not only help translators understand company-specific terminology, they also serve as the basis for multilingual glossaries. Ask your international employees and distributors to review translations of key terms. After all, they will use the translations to sell your products and will likely appreciate the opportunity to offer feedback. You can then use translation software and cloud-based translation management systems to ensure that preferred vocabulary is utilized.

With our ever-expanding network of native-speaking translators and subject matter experts, we’re continually increasing the number and types of industries we serve.

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