In order to be a global player you need to speak the language of your clients. While translation and localization services are of great importance in each industrial sector, there are a few that dominate the market. Here is a list of the industries, where the expertise and knowledge of interpreters and translators are highly valued:

Travel and Tourism

The recreational sector of travel and tourism is by default a global service provider that has to speak the language of their customers. It is much easier to sell a vacation if the advertisement is in the language of the group you are targeting. Being able to provide additional information about the service and have clear and understandable terms and conditions helps increase the revenue of the companies in the sector. The language service providers (LSPs) helping this industry have extensive knowledge not only of the foreign language but also of the cultural specification and nuances of the targeted country and are thus able to assist with exceptional translation solutions.

Information and Technology

The Information and technology sector is more than prospering these days and operates globally. Therefore, having access to professional translators with the necessary technical expertise to translate their specific documentation is a must. English is perhaps the leading language for this industry but offering manuals and technical specifications translated in the mother tongue of the target customers is a win-win solution for both sides.

Medicine and Life Science

Life science, medicine and pharmaceutical companies rely on accurate translation and localization services to provide high class services and adequate health protection. Being able to convert leaflets, patient records, medical reports or prescriptions into the mother language of their customers is of paramount importance. An expert translation and localization vendor helps the companies grow their business, while ensuring that all standards and safety requirements are met, which is critical for this industry.

The Legal Industry

The translators working for the legal industry bear high responsibility for providing accurate translation of the documents in the respective language. Communicating with international clients is a sensitive territory and corresponding in legal terms is even more complicated. Providing your customers with properly translated contracts, agreements or legal basis is important for the understanding of the issue. Finding the correct transposition of a law in a different context is an art that only experienced and properly trained language service providers can offer. The benefits of a trusted partner in the translation process are directly related to the favorable outcome of a potential deal.

Food Service Equipment and Supply

We have listed this beloved sector as number five not because it comes last in importance. On the contrary – it contains an element of each of the other industries named above and hence comes the significance of proper translation and localization. The Food and Beverage industry includes companies with various profiles – from equipment manufacturers to street food festival organizers. They all need to adapt their products and services to the target market. This is achieved with the help of translation and localization provided by dedicated experts in the field.

The service is of paramount importance since this industry combines the specific requirements of all the other four listed above. You need to take into account health threats that some machines or substances may pose. You have the legal documentation that needs to be accurately translated and transposed taking into account the local laws and requirements. We are talking about a great variety of documentation here – manuals, technical specifications, terms and conditions, warranties, contracts, multilateral agreements and many more. Innovations and technology are also part of this business sector, so translators need this expertise as well. And it is obvious that the food service equipment and supply industry is largely related with travel and tourism. We, as consumers, like tasting foreign cuisine and we are fascinated by the fancy sounding names of the dishes, however we definitely prefer to have a translation of the ingredients before we make the first bite.

How to Choose the Best in Translation

No matter, which industry you are in, it is necessary to choose a reliable LSP in order to get optimum results. The main challenges are getting the technical aspects and jargon of each text correctly translated into the target language. Therefore, you need:

  • Native-speaking translators
  • Subject matter experts
  • Professional translation software
  • Cloud-based translation management systems
  • Sufficient translation and localization experience
  • Transparent and cost-efficient services

Ask questions and make sure the LSP is a right fit for you and your company. Taking your business to the next level with translation and localization is an important step to growing and going global.