Every industry comes with its own jargon and terminology required for complete understanding of job descriptions, methods, marketing, and more. The companies and organizations that work in highly technical or specialized fields such as energy and mining, agricultural, medical, or manufacturing are increasingly a part of the global economy. This increases the need for technical translation services considerably. 

The quest to find translators who can deliver professional-level language services with often complex and specific category knowledge is a challenge in itself. Many companies and freelance individuals provide translation services. However, if you need something more precise and specialized than simple documents or websites, your search for the best option will take you far beyond the ordinary.

The Problem With Technical Document Translation

No matter what type of industry you work in, the need for translation exists as long as you operate in more than one country, target a diverse audience, or do any type of collaboration with people from another country or even region of the same country. Technical document translation needs the same initial attention from either a qualified bilingual expert or a high-powered software program or system that delivers quality language services.

The more serious problem with technical content, reports, website pages, and more is that they require so much more than just transforming one basic word into another. All of the unique vocabulary specific to an industry needs not only translating but complete understanding to make sure the meaning behind each passage stays the same. When terms include specific nuances only understood by someone with deep knowledge of that industry, you cannot substitute one word for another without some concern.

The main reason for this is that when something is miscommunicated in a highly technical industry like manufacturing, mining or utility work, or various scientific fields, things can go very wrong very quickly. One mistake can have catastrophic consequences. This is especially true if your company has anything to do with medicine, clinical trials, safety, or legalize.

Special Dangers of Clinical Translation

Medical terminology is both extremely precise and non-interchangeable. You may have a hard time finding a language service provider that offers clinical trial document translation. This is due to two factors.

First, in order to accurately translate medical records or research documents from one language to the next, the translator needs to know an incredible amount of unique vocabulary. In order to have full understanding of the terms they work with, it makes sense that the language experts also have experience with an education in the medical field. The average person does not know these terms and could not possibly work with them for a translation service.

Secondly, any mistakes that occur in translation of clinical trial documents can seriously cause negative repercussions for the research community and medical patients in the future. One error can change the outcome of an entire study. This would affect how future scientists learn more and, in the most catastrophic of examples, patients could end up getting the wrong treatment for their disorders and diseases. This type of responsibility is something that many Language Service Providers would not want to accept. That is why it is so important to choose a company that offers both clinical trial experience and has the talent and systems in place to ensure accuracy.

Finding the Best Language Service Provider (LSP)

These factors are the primary concerns associated with finding an LSP who can tackle your project and always deliver the highest quality possible. If you do a simple search for translations, you get everything from the automated Google Translate app to professional companies like ours. Obviously, you would not trust highly technical documents to a generalized program. That would put you at risk for serious misunderstandings and potentially dangerous consequences.

The right LSP with the ability to transform your technical documents and online content to another language who have not only fluent language skills but also in the knowledge of the industry you need help with. 

Post-Translation Quality Assurance Required

If you are involved in clinical trials, product manufacturing, industrial or construction work, or any other type of high-tech industry, you understand the importance of quality assurance. You cannot simply do an experiment or create a machine part once and call it good. All of these processes take multiple rounds of planning, processing, and follow-up work to make sure that everything worked as intended and the outcome is as accurate as possible.

You need the same type of attention to detail in the technical translation service you receive from your chosen language service provider. It is not enough to change one sentence into a new language. If an error happens for any reason, you are left with a virtually useless document or one that can actually cause damage to your entire professional process.

This makes the quality assurance process extremely vital to professional translations. When every document is checked and double checked for precise language and meaning, you can rest assured that quality of the results is the same as the original.

When you choose ICD Translation, you get so much more than simple language services. Our dedication to the highest quality help, quick turnaround times, and specialized services for a wide range of highly technical industries puts us at the top of the list for serving your particular needs. We understand how important it is for your translations to not only be 100% accurate and localized to your intended audience or collaborative team, but also know the need for highly specific technical jargon and terminology unique to an industry. This is why we use people with medical, industrial, construction, or other experience and education to provide associated language skills for you. Contact us through our website or by phone to get started with the LSP that understands and strives to fulfill your every need.

ICD Translation industry specialties include:

  • Construction
  • Energy & Mining
  • Food & Beverage Equipement
  • Industrial & Agricultural
  • Life Science
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
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