eLearning employee engagement in the office

If you create an e-learning course with the goal of training your employees, you may not always achieve the desired results. Quite often the employees will log in and complete a module or two of the course simply because this was expected from them. Then gradually they will stop and some of them may never finish the course. In order to avoid that you need to create e-learning courses that engage employees. Here are a few ideas on how to do it. 

How to Create Employee Engagement 

For starters, you need to make sure that your company uses all the possible tools to create employee engagement. This is essential, since it can be your best marketing tool. Engaged employees will be more productive and the overall results for the business will be positive. Employees who believe in the mission of their company will likely spread the word using social media, which is an excellent marketing tool. So, what does the company need to do in order to motivate its employees?

  • Create a sharing platform 

It is good for the company to create a platform where the employees can find information about all company initiatives – from the holiday possibilities that it provides to its employees to the social causes and projects it supports. The employees should have an easy access to that platform and be able to share their opinions, ideas and offer others help. Organizing different events and team building opportunities are also another platforms, where employees can get together and share their interests, while having good time.

  • Establish company culture initiatives 

More and more, people choose their new employer based on the social image it has and the values it shares. So, many companies have embraced corporate social responsibility and participate in many causes that reveal their social and environmental values. As an employee in a company that organizes social initiatives that correspond to your ideas and understanding, you feel like a member of the family. Such employees are much more engaged and motivated to assist the growth of the business and promote their workplace in order to attract more engaged employees. Social causes supported by a company drive social change and boost the image of the business as well.

  • Spot and reward talent 

Employees will give more when they know their efforts are recognized and appreciated. The company needs to have established channels to spot employee talent and reward it. The management can organize a “talent pipeline,” where through training, the employees are given the opportunity of both horizontal and vertical growth. E-learning can be a powerful tool to drive employee engagement as we will see below.

How to Improve Employee Engagement with E-Learning 

As we mentioned, learning and growth opportunities are one of the best ways to create employee engagement. In order to achieve that, the company needs to offer coherent and meaningful training that is accessible to all employees, including those who work in offices in other countries. Here are a few ideas, how to create e-learning courses that will grab the attention and dedication of employees: 

  • Create localized content 

One of the most important points is to have the e-learning course properly localized so that all employees can benefit from it. Using relevant examples and speaking the language of the learner is a prerequisite for a successful training. If you want to reap the benefits of custom e-learning modules, the company needs to create them first. Therefore, the localization of the learning material is a step that should never be omitted in the process of creating employee training.

  • Choose a welcoming course design 

Make sure that the design of the training course is simple and welcoming. Present the information in smaller bits rather than in lengthy modules. It is important to use a font that is easy to read, colors that are not tiring for the eye and headings and bullet points that make the information easier to follow. Avoid overusing bolded text or italic and steer clear from an excessive number of charts and graphs.

  • Offer relevant training 

The subject and skills covered in the course should be relevant for the role the employees have in the company. The learners should be able to use the new knowledge in their everyday tasks, otherwise they will either forget it soon or become bored by the course and unwilling to finish it.

  • Make sure the training is not too complicated 

You need to be sure that the training is easily accessible by all employees and that it is not too complicated for them. This also includes the technical skills needed to complete the course. Make sure to provide assistance to those who have limited computer skills but still want to participate in the course. Regarding the content, you need to make sure that it uses language and terms that the employees are familiar with.

  • Create a purposeful training 

Make sure that your employees are clear about the intent of the course – whether it is to introduce a new policy or procedure or refresh and improve their skills in a given sphere. The employees will be more motivated to complete the training if they clearly understand the benefits from it. Otherwise they will perceive it as just yet another task that they need to cope with throughout their workday or even in their free time.

  • Include a fun element 

Try to make the training as enjoyable as possible. Use the latest e-learning trends, include gamification elements and quizzes. People learn quicker and easier when they have fun.

  • Reward results 

Reward the achievements of your employees. You can give them certificates when the training is completed or organize a special event for the end of the training. There can be promotions or financial incentives if the courses taken were of particular importance for the company growth. Your employees will appreciate the recognition for their hard work. 

These are just a few ideas that can help you create better training courses and increase your employee engagement. Follow them when developing your company training and you will soon reap the results.

Employee engagement is very important for the overall development of a given business. Therefore, it is worth investing in the proper training of employees that will lead to better productivity and higher retention rates. The more engaged the members of a company feel, the better results they will deliver. Training is one of the forms to create engagement and it should be used wisely by the management.  

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