The current options in Translation Management Systems (TMS) extend far beyond hiring an individual with knowledge of two or more different languages to manually translate one document into another. The technological advancements of machine-based and cloud-based translation software have decreased times and increased accuracy in many cases. When you are deciding what type of services to use for your multilingual project, cloud-based translation deserves a second look.

As with any other type of computer system or memory bank that either exists in the cloud or on a server, translation services memory also differs in some key ways. The translation memory database, which is a collection of words and phrases frequently or logically used in a unique translation task, either exists in one closed system or in the cloud. Cloud-based translation databases allow multiple people to access and improve it at the same time.

Top Benefits of Cloud-Based Translation Software

Needless to say, the individual or program who is engaged with technical document translation, software localization, or any other type of language project can access the database and information more effectively if it is in the cloud rather than securely locked in a particular server. The benefits extend far beyond the user, however. An individual or company who hires someone to perform language services for them also receives benefits from these cloud-based systems.

The three primary benefits of translating in the cloud include consistency, collaboration, and completion.

  • Consistency – Because a cloud-based translation software database is effectively accessed by as many people that need it at once, it delivers consistent results no matter how many translators are working on a particular job. The last thing you want is for one phrase to be translated one way on page 4 and a different way on page 78. Also, the accessibility of the cloud database makes it much easier for professionals at different locations to deliver the same high-quality work.
  • Collaboration – The consistency that comes with these types of translation services also increases the efficiency and efficacy of collaborative efforts. This helps multiple translators work together to deliver your project in the best manner possible. It also helps you collaborate with them on specific jargon or industry-based phraseology. The overall result is a more accurate and faster translation than possible using other methods of communication.
  • Completion – The cloud is fast and efficient. Language service professionals and translation software can perform their duties more quickly and deliver the final project to the client sooner than they would be able to do with manual document or website translation. Everything happens in real time including updates and improvements of the entire cloud database.

Benefits Extends Beyond Great Translation Services

The general characteristics about cloud servers make them exceptionally useful for translation services in other ways, too. One of the most important in today’s modern world is security. Although it seems like anyone can access the cloud at any time and from anywhere, the truth of the matter is that cloud-based translation databases use advanced security features in order to protect the assets available to the individual company or service providers.

Memsource cloud, which ICD Translation services uses extensively, offers an extensive amount of multi-layered security features. This includes physical security for the servers that run the cloud, high degrees of data encryption so no one can access it digitally if they are not supposed to, privacy features so only allowed individuals can access the data at any time, and an entire network of backups and redundancies to ensure the highest degrees of security possible.

What does this mean for you? The above-listed benefits of using cloud-based translation should already help to convince you that these types of systems represent a great choice for all your multi-language business or educational needs. You can also realize considerable cost savings with this type of translation in many cases.

If you are responsible for hiring new talent at your company, and you want to extend your reach to other countries, you need the quickest and most accurate translation possible to truly engage the interest of the most sought-after people. Ongoing translation needs for things like hiring advertisements, platform building, onboarding software systems, and eLearning portals require not only a high degree of accuracy but fast completion times and the flexibility to make changes as necessary.

If you operate a highly technical business with documents full of specific jargon or unique phraseology, such as the medical, industrial, or mining industries, you need to know that your translations will have the most up-to-date and accurate meanings possible. Cloud-based translation databases allow for the necessary collaboration that puts your phrase and term lists in front of the translator directly. This speeds up the entire process and helps to ensure that you get exactly what you need so there are no technical document translation errors or misunderstandings.

If you run an eLearning portal or offer educational and training opportunities to the international community, it helps to have a cloud-based system on your side that delivers fast and accurate localized content exactly when you need it. Educational material translation is one field where absolute accuracy and localization is essential. After all, students cannot learn what they need to if they cannot understand the words.In the end, cloud-based translation software provides numerous advantages over server-based or other systems. However, it is still not ideal for every single language task.

In order to learn more about how ICD Translation uses Memsource cloud servers across industries and interests, contact us with any questions. The availability of other types of translation services using the latest technology and the most highly trained professionals allows us to provide you with the most accurate and effective language services available today. You need to reach and engage an increasingly international audience, and we have the skills and systems necessary to help you do that better than ever before.

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