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Articulate 360 is a tool that offers you everything you need in order to create a successful e-learning course. With its constant updates and upgrades, the toolkit allows you to create your courses from scratch and elaborate on them further in collaboration with other stakeholders. One of its great options is that it facilitates translation and thus allows for better e-learning localization. If you haven’t come across this product yet, here is a short summary of its main features and price.

What Does Articulate 360 Include?

Articulate 360 contains all the apps and resources that you need in order to create an attractive and interactive e-learning course that can be used on any device. Here are four reasons why it is one of the best on the market:

  1. Award-winning authoring apps

Storyline 360 and Rise are the two apps that facilitate the creation of fabulous courses. Storyline 360 allows developing e-learning that is responsive to any device without further adjustment. You only need to decide on the content and the elements you want in your modules and create the course. Then, without any further tweaking, you can publish it and it will play on any mobile device. The responsive player adapts to the screen of smartphones and tablets, adjusts to every screen size and orientation and allows the users to swipe, drag or zoom the content. Rise, on the other hand, allows you to create responsive courses directly in your web browser. It allows the course to be viewed on any device without any disruptions. On your home PC, tablet or phone, you will have the perfect picture. Rise hides menus and scales media so that it can give the learner a unique and pleasant experience.

  1. Project review app

Articulate Review is a very useful web-based app included in the toolkit, that allows you to receive feedback on your course from all the stakeholders. The app can be used without being downloaded. In order to check what others think about your course, all you need to do is to publish it from Storyline 360 and Rise to Articulate Review and send the stakeholders a link. They can provide consolidated feedback. The good thing is that the comments can be accompanied by a screenshot so that you can see exactly what each person meant. Comments and replies can be viewed as threaded conversations – one topic can be discussed by multiple viewers. You can also resolve comments that you have already seen or are not relevant to the discussion.

  1. 3+ million course assets

The Content Library included in the Articulate 360 allows you to quickly create e-learning modules using millions of royalty-free stock assets. No matter whether you need icons, photos, templates, illustrations or characters, you can find them all in the library. There is also a great selection of videos to choose from. Each slide template is professionally designed with built-out interactions so that you can create your course as quickly as possible.

  1. Live online training

Last but not least, Articulate 360 offers you the opportunity to enhance and improve your skills by receiving online training. Articulate Live webinars are led by industry experts, who can provide you with the best tips, tricks, and practices in the industry. The live webinars will help you learn everything you need to know on how to work with articulate 360 and its assets, you will be able to ask questions and receive professional answers and advice.  The list of webinars is constantly updated and there are more than three events each week that you can choose from.

What’s New for E-Learning Translations?

As we already mentioned, Storyline 360 is one of the greatest apps that comes with Articulate 360. The responsive player allows you to quickly create a course for any device but also facilitates the translation of the course. This is of particular importance for those who need their course to reach a broader public, such as company training for example. Here are the main assets that facilitate translation:

  • Better support for right-to-left and double-byte character languages

With Storyline 360 now it is much easier to work with right-to-left languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu. With the enhanced support, the developers can easily change the orientation of the elements of the player as well as the orientation of other assets such as pop-up messages, sidebar tabs or navigation buttons. The enhanced support offered is also useful for working with languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The feature is very easy to use – just select the language that you need or select customize text labels.

  • 4 additional interface languages

In addition to English, the interface of Storyline 360 is also available in 4 other major languages – Spanish, German, French, and Chinese. These languages are available for all the apps and tools included in Articulate 360. To change the language, you simply need to right click on the icon of the app and select preference options.

  • 2 new language variants

In addition to the 28 foreign languages that Storyline already supports as player text labels, the new version has added two more options. Now you can select between French for France and French for Canada (the new option) and Portuguese for Portugal and Portuguese for Brazil (the new option). Spanish, however, still goes only as one option for Spain and Latin America.

  • HTML5 Language Identifier tag

Storyline 360 now allows localizing course content for learners that use screen readers. This is achieved through HTML5 Language Identifier tag, which is enabled by default.

As a whole, we can sum up that the new version of Articulate 360 focuses more on improving the existing elements that facilitate translation, rather than on adding new features.

Articulate 360 plans and pricing

Articulate 360 offers two plans – for freelancers and for business. The price for an individual plan is $999 annually, while for business it is $1,299 per user annually. There is also a 50% academic discount for students, teachers, and employees at accredited academic institutions. Business users also get a discount for purchasing more than 5 Articulate Team subscriptions.

One of the best things is that you can try Articulate 360 for 60 days for free. Simply request a trial and it is not necessary to provide your credit card details.

As a whole, Articulate 360 is a great tool that makes the creation of new e-learning courses much faster. It features apps that allow viewing the course on any device without further adjustments, receiving feedback and localizing the modules with ease.

Source: Articulate

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