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It is fair to say that student life is pretty digitalized these days. This is a normal phenomenon to observe, having in mind that the smartphone has become an integral part of the life of all of us. We use apps and tools that help us with translating menus and signs, managing our finances or finding the nearest place where we can eat. It is not surprising then, that there are various instruments that are designed to help college students cope better with their studies. In addition to those specific tools, however, there is a myriad of other apps and platforms that can also be very beneficial. 

In his article 25 Important Apps And Digital Learning Tools For University Students, Scott N. Romaniuk presents in detail 25 of the most useful apps and tools that students can use to facilitate their life at college, without ranking them in any particular order. We have chosen a few that we find the most interesting and divided them into three groups based on their functions. Below you will find how to manage your life as a student, where to look for inspiration and how to improve your e-learning habits.  

The Best Apps to Facilitate Student Life

University students need apps that can help them cope better with their lectures, note taking and learning. It is also important, however, to know how to manage their finances and how to keep themselves safe while on the campus or in town. Here are a few of the most useful tools: 

  • Office Lens 

This is a popular app that allows you to make scans with the camera of your smartphone. It can be synched with OneNote and OneDrive, which allows the scanned file to be saved and reused when needed. Office lens can scan pictures, texts, tables, business cards, etc. It is quite useful that images on whiteboards can be turned into Word documents, while the information from the business card can be transferred directly to the contacts in your mobile phone. Similar apps are Google Lens, Google Googles and Bixby Vision.  

  • Notability 

The app ranks as one of the best in note-taking. In addition to taking notes, students can annotate PDFs, images, GIFs and record lectures. Notability can be synced with Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. It also allows students to share and connect with other peers.  

  • Dragon Anywhere 

This is one of the preferred apps when it comes to speech-to-text conversions. It allows students to dictate their papers or make notes for their presentations. One of Dragon Anywhere’s unique features is that you can add your own custom words specific to your area of study.   

  • iStudiez 

The app allows to track all aspects of student life – schedules, homework, assignments and grades. It is a student planner that helps you manage and organize your time efficiently. There is also a grade-graph feature that allows you to track your progress. iStudiez is one of the most highly ranked apps among college students. 

  • bSafe 

Last but not least we are going to review the issue of safety. bSafe is an app that helps add more security for anyone who is walking alone at night either on a college campus or in town. It has live GPS tracking, SOS alarm, automatic video and audio recordings that can be sent instantly to the chosen mobiles of your friends. Circle of 6 is another similar app that has more or less the same functionality.  

Free E-Learning Tools

Learning is the real reason you are at college, there are some great tools and apps that can help improve this experience and learn a few new things.  

  • Coursera  

This is an e-learning platform that offers hundreds of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to anyone who wants to learn new things (not only to college students). The courses offered are organized and taught with the partnership of universities and companies and are divided into 12 different categories. Learners can receive a verified certificate upon completing a course and many universities even recognize Coursera credit, which means that students can complete online courses as part of their regular degree programs.  

  • Duolingo  

If you are interested in adding another language to your portfolio, take a look at Duolingo language-learning platform. It offers 68 language courses and what is even better is that they are all free. The modules are high quality and offer a great approach to language learning. They are developed with the aid of native speakers to guarantee the right approach to learning.  

  • StudyBlue  

If you need an assistant with your learning, then this app is ideal for you. StudyBlue gives you access to nearly 500 million study materials such as flashcards, notes, study guides. It also allows you to connect with other students and participate in quizzes. The app helps you learn quicker and more efficiently anywhere and at any time you prefer. If you are looking for alternatives you can check Quizlet, Cram, and Brainscape.  

Get Inspired

Need a break from studying? There are a few sites that can help you get inspired and even suggest smart solutions for a paper or project. 

  • Ted Talks  

Most likely you are already familiar with the popular Ted Talks. You can find thousands of new ideas and inspiration from people who have often pushed the boundaries to create new opportunities. Ted Talks are also a useful tool for instructors, who can use them in their classes to motivate the students to come up with innovative ideas.  

  • Pinterest 

This popular website can actually be a very useful tool for college students. It is a great source of new ideas, visual content, and is no doubt the greatest tool for inspiration. The good thing is that each “pin” bears information about the site it was taken from, so you can check and learn more information about the image that has intrigued you.  

  • Behance  

This site is a bit similar to Pinterest in the fact that it provides great visual content as well. It is very useful for students studying or interested in design. Behance presents new work from individuals dealing with design, architecture, photography, fashion and other work fields. It also allows you to connect with professional and student communities that share the same interests or work with specific organization or institution.  

It is obvious that there are multiple and different apps and tools that can help the students with various aspects of their life at school and beyond. There is nothing wrong with turning your smartphone into your ally when it comes to improving your learning habits and life skills in general. All of the listed resources are, however, in no way limited only to students. They can be quite useful for instructors in particular and generally for anyone. Make your life more organized and your learning more fun by using these easily-accessible tools.   



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