Translation services are experiencing great development in recent years in line with the new technologies. Artificial intelligence allows the improvement of machine translation and it can be used for more and more purposes to guarantee high quality and lower prices.  

Real-time software translation services are one of the processes facilitated by the technological advancement in the industry. The companies who are looking for efficient solutions for their app localization, for example, are now able to make use of experienced translators with tech knowledge who are assisted by the best technologies in order to provide immaculate services.  

What is real-time translation? 

Real-time translation services are based on the idea of real-time text. This is text which is instantly transmitted while it is created. For example, you type a message and the recipients can immediately see it without having to wait. This option is successfully employed by companies offering instant messaging to their customers via live agents or bots.

Real-time translation is a mechanism that enables the rapid human translation and allows companies to receive a high-quality service upon demand without having to wait for it. The translation service is rendered immediately or within hours after the order is received and not in several days, for example. This allows for significant reduction of the time to market, which can be essential for certain industries such as software producer.

With the option of real-time software translation services, the process is both quick and efficient and each part – from the contractor to the end user, is satisfied with the final results. For the translation services to be completed in real time, it is necessary to use different technological solutions such as machine translation post editing (MTPE), mobile notifications, automated project management, and the like.

It is fair to point out that some of the most popular real-time translation services include free machine translations such as Google Translate. While they support many languages and tend to improve the quality of the translation constantly, still some of the translated text may not be suitable for business purposes, especially in a highly-specialized industry such as software, applications, technology. The quality of the translation of such tools depends highly on the language combination and the content of the text.

Still, it can be a very helpful tool if you are abroad and you need to understand some directions or piece of information. You can even have fun with these tools with the challenge of menu translations but do not trust them for more complicated issues.  

How software translation services can assist real-time translation

Real-time translation services will shape the future of communication. When it comes to website translations, a live chat translation engine can give a more global reach to your business. At the end of the day, your customers speak different languages and that should not be a barrier to your growth. On the contrary, languages are the means that can pave your path to a new market and facilitate your product positioning and successful market penetration.

Software translation services are in high demand in recent years as many companies are engaged in the creation of new applications or other software products that customers need and want for their mobile devices. As this is a type of specialized translation, you need translators that are more tech-oriented and experienced in the provision of this type of services rather than in general translation.

Such professionals are often quite aware of the new technologies in the industry that can facilitate the translation process as well. Using a proper machine-translation tool with the relevant database and quality assurance implemented, you can find a reliable language service provider (LSP) that can offer real-time software translation services that are tailored to your specific needs.

This will allow for the better understanding of the product offered on the market and will facilitate customers, who will get to read manuals, instructions, or communicate with the seller in their own language. The fact that software translation is a specific service in itself should not discourage you from looking into the best option that can provide you immediate solutions and that is the real-time translation.

Let’s say that you have launched a new app and you want customers to leave a review in the app store. It will be better if you allow them to do so in their own language. By using a real-time translation tool developed and support especially for the purpose, you will get the optimum result.

How do you find the best real-time software translation services?

Selecting the right vendor for any language-related service is usually a time-consuming task, however, it is worth the effort. If you need the best real-time software translation service, you need an LSP that has expertise in several areas:

  • Machine translation, which is adapted in accordance with the specific needs of the client. The database used for the translations is trained with the specific information, terminology, glossaries provided by the client and the quality of the final output is much higher
  • Machine translation post-editing services, which means that the translators of the company are trained to work with the MT output and eliminate all possible issues 
  • Technical translation services and more specifically experience in software translation services and knowledge of the subject matter 
  • Translation and localization services in a great number of languages – preferably the company you will select will support all of the languages that you will need for your current or future software translation

These are but a few of the important factors to consider when selecting the right real-time software translation services.  

As the process of software translation and localization is quite complex, it is essential to have a reliable partner for each and every step. Here, at ICD Translation we are ready to give you a helping hand and offer an array of translation and localization services in any language you need.  

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