Whether you own a large international company or a local start-up, training your employees properly is very important. The key features of corporate e-learning courses are that they should be consistent, easy to follow, and create employee engagement. Course creation should be a well-established process performed by professionals.

There is a good chance you have people working for you who have the necessary knowledge that needs to be shared, but might lack the skill or time to develop a complete e-learning course. If you have ideas but don’t know where to begin, then you should consider outsourcing the development of the training course to a professional. Here’s why we think you’ll will find outsourcing beneficial:

  • Cost Efficient

When you hire an external company for developing your employee e-learning course you pay one price for the final product. This means you don’t have to worry about purchasing special e-learning authoring software or hiring additional employees to man your IT or L&D teams. This ultimately saves you money in the form of remuneration, benefits, paid leave, etc.

  • Time Saving

Developing a proper e-learning course following all the required steps and stages is a time-consuming process even for highly experienced professionals. Assigning the task to people with little or no experience to do it will inevitably take longer. It will be even worse if these employees have other work to do and dedicate only part of their time to developing the training. When you add up the time necessary to choose and master the best storyboard template or authoring tool, you can see how outsourcing the development will be a time-saver.

  • Higher Expertise

Hiring an external e-learning vendor for your corporate training guarantees you access to highly experienced e-learning content developers. They not only have the knowledge and skills to create an outstanding training  course but also have access to all the necessary tools like software, voiceover talents, etc.

  • Easier to Implement E-Learning Localization

If your company training is properly done it will be easier to use it in various locations to train foreign employees as well. Hiring a reputable e-learning localization agency is the next step to take in order to get the desired results.

  • Higher Employee Engagement and Productivity

Learners are attracted to and stimulated by e-learning courses that contain high-quality multimedia and feedback options. Outsourcing the process to an experienced vendor increases the chances of achieving that. Once your employees are properly trained they will feel more committed to the assigned tasks and their productivity will rise as well. Not to mention those members of your team who were able to provide some significant ideas for the course but were not faced with the challenge of developing it themselves.

Tips on Choosing the Best E-Learning Partner

Once you have decided that outsourcing the development of your company training is the best option for you, you have to proceed with finding the right partner for the job. The course creator will need access to sensitive information about your products, processes and procedures, so you need a trustworthy partner capable of delivering high quality content. Here are five tips on how you can find the right e-learning content provider for your company.

  • Reputable company with rich portfolio – look for an already established e-learning professional that has been in the business of corporate training long enough to know all the tricks.
  • Choose the company members you will work with – if possible request to review the list of employees who will be available for your project and ask if you can meet them to choose who will be assigned with the task. This is not a very common practice, however, most reputable companies will agree to that.
  • Ask for samples and recommendations – request recommendations from previous jobs and sample training courses. So you will have a better idea what to expect.
  • Do your own research on social media – social media groups are a great source of information about e-learning outsourcing. You can get advice on which companies you should avoid or use depending on your needs or budget;
  • Rely on personal impressions – if you have attended any of the various e-learning conferences held both in the USA and abroad, you have met personally with some of the leading experts in the e-learning industry. Make use of the new contacts you have created and reach out to the provider that has impressed you most during the event. Quite often, a positive first impression will evolve into a successful business relation.

We hope that the information and tips provided above will help you choose the right e-learning partner for your company trainings and that you will see the results in your employees.

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