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A premier language service provider for over 25 years, we provide clients with fast, agile and reliable services.
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Along with all of the technological capabilities that we offer, we commit to an excellence of client service that we believe is unmatched in the translation and localization industry. Our account managers and project managers advocate for our clients and develop longstanding, authentic relationships with them. Most importantly, many of our translators have been with us for more than 20 years and have been working with many of our clients for just as long.

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You can reach 80% of the world’s total online audience with just 12 languages.*
*Common Sense Advisory

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We will assist you from the earliest stages of the relationship and help you reach and engage new markets. ICD Translation is flexible and agile, which means we are keen problem-solvers who can adapt to your unique needs as they evolve. We believe the key to success to any translation project is putting your complete trust in your translation partner. We are poised, ready and able to be that partner for you.


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